It here ….first trip!!

Well after what seemed an eternal wait Friday arrived… no rain all week all looked good.

It was however very bright and not a cloud in the sky

Crawled out of my pit and joined the rush hour traffic on the way to Winlaton Mill to get my day ticket.

Pulled up in the carpark and kitted up.Started on the long walk over Eddies Bridge (I think it’s Eddies Bridge!) and a  couple of hundred yards up stream and started fishing a PTN and black nymph on a floating line, and full of confidence..hmmm

Started fishing down towards Eddies bridge at about 9am …not a touch until I got just through the other side of the bridge and missed a good take as I was a million miles away (lol) There looked to be lots of flies coming off…what I assumed to be get an Olive nymph on !…seemed like a good idea?

Fished through and down to that nice run above Butterfly bridge, that run has changed so much with less water in it and I wasn’t sure if I was going to fish it or just move further down…

Sat for a bit and changed to PTN with red collar and sz 14 Olive Nymph on the dropper..fished those through the deep run along the far bank and after a couple of casts bang, a good solid take and a couple of minutes later landed a nice looking brownie on the small Olive nymph at around noon


First fish of the season

Took a couple of snaps and got him back in to the water, he seemed slow to recover but after a few minutes he flapped his tail and was off.


Fished through the last few good looking streamy runs down by Winlaton Mill but no further takes , although I did manage to hook in to a couple of trees!  🙂

Felt pretty worn out but had a drive up to Rowlads Gill Caravan park run, fished through a couple of run …half heartedly…then buggered off home around 2pm ish.

A good day after a couple or three blanks over the Winter, nice to get some interest in my cobbled together flies .at least Im not doing everything wrong lol.










3 thoughts on “It here ….first trip!!”

  1. What a whopper! Shame you couldn’t keep him but now you’ve got a good reason to go back and see if you can get another one! lol

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