A monster and a wet arm!

well I had the day booked off for a day on the river today. God the old (new) fly tying vise out yesterday and lashed sone GRHE with gold bead and some Hawthorn fly imitations for my trip.

Dropped the missus off at work at about 7-45 and landed in the car park about 8-10. Kitted up with one of my new super dooper GRHE on the point and hawthorn fly on the dropper. I decided to walk right up to the viaduct and see what the water was like around there.

Just below the viaduct there was a very fishy looking run that was bottlenecked by some large boulders. I had a couple of small takes then hooked in to what looked like a really decent fish, he pulled, rolled over and waved goodbye!! looked a really good fish though, that must have been about 9am.

Hopes raised I thought I would give this pool a good going over!! hooked another smaller trout of about 8″, fished right through where the water eddies and slows down, line tightened…rod bent….fish on!! hauled him in to the net.. he was a dead weight!!

15" Brownie from River Derwent
just a smidge under 2lb

Needless to say I was pretty pleased with getting this landed , fair bent my 7′ #5 rod double!!  and on my (now killer) GRHE!!  🙂

Took a breather then fished through the bridge downstream…still couldn’t get my nemesis fish hooked who was still hiding behind the rock…give him a good go but he wouldn’t be budged!!

I did however manage to take a tumble and soak my arm up to the elbow..and a nice red bruise!

Was about ready for home now but had one run through the pool above butterfly bridge, hooked and landed an 8″ trout on the Whickhams spider, there was a much larger fish just a few yards downstream but he wasn’t interested!!.

That was me for the day headed home about 1pm…..hopefully my next trip will be as sucessful!


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