Back Home

Well returned to my “home” water last weekend after the excitement of a weekend fishing trip now well consigned to memory.

I had planned to get up there by around 8 o clock or so but as it happened, I woke early and was up and out and on the river for about 7.30am

Weather was very changeable overcast one minute, bright sun the next, it felt pretty cold walking upstream before I started fishing.

Needless to say it was pretty quiet as I started my trek up to the Viaduct from Winlaton Mill , Rod already assembled at home the night before and set up with a gold head GRHE on the point and a Partridge  and orange on the dropper, my thinking I would cover both options of a bit of colour if they wanted it combined with the (t)rusty old GRHE.

Watching the river as I walked up and over the stone footbridge and beyond there seemed to be not fish showing at all and very little fly life around so early..

I must have been in the river just below the viaduct at around about 7.30 and started fishing in the stream just past the bend… now normally (for whatever reason) it always seems to take me about 30 minutes before I even get a bite.. however today was different, third cast and I was in to  the first fish of the day a small 6” brownie on the GRHE, a pretty silvery looking fish was slipped back after a good fight for his size.

Happy that I was something like on the right track I fished the next pool before climbing out to walk downstream a little. A few fish were now starting to show and fly life seemed more abundant. Noticing a fish rise in one of the slower pools only my bad back stopped me clambering back in to give him a go.. his position is duly noted for my next trip though!

Walking over the beautiful stone bridge, I climbed back in to the water and fished the far bank on the downstream side of the bridge …… without success, didn’t even see any fish rise down here, time for a fly change, took off the GRHE and pit on one of my March brown “type” flies.

Tried a few slow drifts through the deep slow water but was rudely interrupted by a huge white swan who decided he wanted this water, looking at the size of him…. I reeled in and moved on !!  J

Was now down to the all new singing and dancing Butterfly Bridge, and thankfully they have pulled out the old one that was lying in the river since the last big floods.. leaving what looks like could develop in to a good run.

Fishing down under the bridge in to the first pool, had a couple of brownies out here on the March Brown, both in the 8” range also had plenty of bites here and lost another one off all out of the same run! It must have been about 10.45 by now.. fish starting to wake up.

In to the next run that runs parallel to the footpath and another couple of missed bites (me half asleep) before I got another smaller fish out of around 6”

Finally decided to have a go at the last decent pool before the really slow water, a deep run along the far bank that runs towards a semi submerged tree, I know there are fish there as I had one out last time, I do suspect there are a couple of decent ones in the better lies though. I cast to the far bank as close as I dared (not too close with my cack handed casting like!) letting the flies drift through the likely looking spots, nothing, then I see a fish rise, not sure of his size… I cast upstream of him, flies swinging past and.. bang… he took the point fly and I lift in to him, not a monster but a plump 9” brownie puts up a great fight before being unhooked and returned.

Got to about 11.30 and I was done in, I think the combination of an early start and a bad back put paid to me for the day.

Overall another nice day on the Derwent , looking back on the day there was plenty of action after a lull around 9am, a good few fish hooked a couple lost off and no falls in the water! Success all around I say.

Still not seen anyone else fishing up there.. maybe I am the only member J

I intend to have a little exploration upstream of the Viaduct this weekend .. see what fish await me up there.


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