A quality day on the river

Well, decided to have a walk up past the viaduct and between some of the slower runs there are some very inviting looking streams , fishy looking spots, decided.. as much down to sick of walking.. to stop at this spot

Starting point
A fishy looking run

I started fishing with a gold head GRHE on the point and a Partridge and Orange on the dropper, weather was slightly overcast and about 12°C. Second cast in and I hooked in to a small brownie of around 8″ out of the bottom of this run, on the GRHE.

As I worked downstream I missed another fish about 9.15 then landed another small fish of about 7″ also on the GRHE.. a promising start got this second fish out of a nice run with a fallen tree on the far bank

Pool above the viaduct

I was getting plenty of takes , changed the Partridge and orange to a Cochybhondu. Decided to stop for a bit to eat…..bit of quality on the table today….2 cheese and onion asda pasties…can of coke , bag of crisps and an apple, talk about living the highlife or what!!a

Cast to a nice streamy run just under the viaduct and a fish splashed at my flies….but missed, another cast and another rise but he missed them again…not sure how big he was …third time was a charm, bite and a strike and was in to a decent fish, got him to the net reasonably quickly and a decent 15″ brownie? weighing in at 1½lb I took him on my crappiest looking GRHE as I had put my last decent goldhead up a tree!!

Nice Trout

Got out of the water and fished through the nice bottle neck pool just around the bend past the viaduct and took a nice 8″ brownie on my cochbhondu , was getting plenty of takes now as the day wore on took another couple of fish, one about 6″ and another about 7″ on the same fly.

Walked further downstream and under the bridge where I missed a really good take about half way down this pool in the slower water, he felt like a really good fish but will have to wait for another day to get him hooked.

Fished the pool just on the bend past the bridge where there is a good run on the near bank , took a small trout on a Greenwells spider then very next cast took another one almost as soon as the flies hit the water of about the same size.

It was noticable that the bites were now slowing down as it was about 1.30, I lumbered out of the water and down to the run above butterfly bridge, third pool down from here I took the last fish of the day a 7″ brownie on the Partridge and Orange.

A typical Derwent Brownie

That was about me for the day, fished from about 8.30 until about 2.30 and had a cracking time, loads of bites and plenty of fish hooked…..and a few lost too.

Legs permitting, I think I will try even further upstream next time to see what lies in wait!!


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