Afternoon – Evening 11th June

Fished this time of day for the first time on the River Derwent since joining up and wasn’t disappointed!!

Weather was overcast and constant drizzly rain but not particularly cold.

Arrived at the river at about 3-30pm and the river looked slightly up in level and very slightly coloured, I wandered up over the viaduct but not as far as last time as I didn’t have the full day to fish, decided to start at this nice looking run not too far up from the viaduct.


Todays first pool

Started off with the old faithful GRHE and sz14 cochybondu on the dropper, the GRHE didn’t let me down as I was in to a fish almost as soon as I started fishing a nice small brownie of about 9″ from this run.

Fished downstream heading towards the viaduct with plenty of pulls and another couple of fish to the net of this size, then about 5pm the bites seemed to slow up, maybe due to the water colouring up or the fresh water ?? I switched to a yellow caddis nymph and a GRHE with yellow mid section on the dropper, this addition of colour to the flies seemed to be what they were after …as soon as I changed to these the fish came back on.


Ran through the pool under the stone bridge, with no success so out I climbed and started just above the butterfly bridge

Butterfly bridge

The fish were really coming on now and the bites were coming thick and fast as were the fish, all of a similar size between 7-9″ but really good sport in the runs below the bridge, I did have a really strong pull where the pipe pumps water in about 300 yards down from the bridge, felt like a good fish but a little too quick for me on this occassion!!

fished on until about 8-30 and was just about ready to go but ….just another five minutes …just one more cast…. fished the last pool before the river bends and the slow deep water begins and had 2-3 really good pulls before landing a very nice 14″ brownie who tipped the scales at 1lb 5oz

14" Brownie


That was me; as I was about ready to go just before landing this, it was a cracking 4-5 hour session landed something like 15 smallish trout and the one in the pic, really enjoyed it! Due out again this weekend but will have to make some flies up as I managed to decorate a few trees this weekend!



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