Saturday 9th July, back in the groove, sort of.

I decided to try an afternoon session to see if I could get back on track with these Derwent trout.

I was on the river for around 3pm. Weather rather worryingly bright and sunny again as I started fishing right up past the viaduct at that nice looking streamy run. Not many fish showing as I swung my gold head adownstream and around , and thats the way things stayed for the first coupl of hours, nothing doing , not a touch until I got just above the viaduct to have a go at my nemesis hiding under the trees on the far bank.

I have already decorated the trees on that far bank trying to sneak my flies to this buger but not to be put off I waded half way accross towards him.

Two nice clean casts right under the tree, nice drift past where I though he would be…nothing…then just to rub my nose in it he jumps clean out of the water looks like a very decent size stockie…mocking me lol

next cast …manage to avoid the trees again, line tightens…into this fish he burrowed deep on the far bank in the very deep pools on the far side of the river, he was bending my rod hard and down towards the water level. He seemed to be tiring but as I got him closer I could feel him shakinghis head…not to be undun,I got him to the net …a fine stockie of just over 15″ and around 1lb 12oz a very nice fish to the gold head again.

I was hoping things were picking up but I worked down to the viaduct and no further bites at all. Time for a fly change…. on goes the cochybondu. Fished in the slow pool just above the stone bridge and noticed what looked like a decent fish showing on the bend, made a mental note as I worked my way downstream.

So withing casting distance I dropped the flies to where I think he was lying and first cast….nothing, try again..nothing, so try a slow retrieve in the slow water and ..bang a really solid take and a tremendous fight until he also came to the net at around 10″ not the size of the last one but a beautiful fish so slipped him back to grow on a bit for me!!

Happy I was on the right track I fished on under the stone bridge, just past the big stone in mid stream I landed the smallest fish of the season on a Cochybondu¬† a Grayling of about 3″…..quickly followed of another one of about the same size.

That was me for the day happy with a nice days fishing, an odd day as my casting to likely looking spots didn’t really reap any benefits, but casting a wet fly to a showing fish seemed a more successful method.

I will have my camera back in my waistcoat for my trip tomorrow (14th July) evening so will ensure I have some photos for my next entry.


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