Last evening session 23rd August

Decided to have what would be only my second and probably last evening session on the river due to the nights starting to cut in a little bit. I thought I would focus on the stretch from the new butterfly bridge down over towards Winlaton Mill. It was overcast after a warm day and starting to spit on very slightly with rain.


Travelled straight down from work and arrived on the river at about 6pm.


Looking upstream as I was crossing the bridge I noticed a few fish showing so things looked promising.


Crossed the bridge and walked down to the river , fishing with a gold head GRHE on the point and a coch-y-Bonddu on the dropper. Fished the first run where the old bridge used to lie and second cast in had a decent take and was in to my first fish , he looked about 8” as he jumped clear of the water and shed the hook!! A promising start all the same.


Getting plenty of takes as I moved through the next run and where the pool deepens and slows down took my fist of the night a nice 9-10” brownie who put a great fight up. Still plenty of fish showing but the overcast conditions told me that it would be dark in an hour or so.


Walking downstream on the left hand bank I spotted a lovely lie that I thought MUST hold a little (or big) brownie, so I cast almost perpendicular to the current and slowly retrieved the flies over and past this lie, line tightened and I was in to the second in the space of about 15 minutes, he felt slightly heavier and fought hard , netted him and he must have been about 11” beautifully spotted wild fish, so back he went to put a few pounds on until we meet again.

A likely looking spot behind the tree


I was now at the point where the river is fed by a pipe from the bank and I usually fish my flies directly opposite this in the slower water and let them swing in to this “fresh” water, this is where I took my third fish another decent Brownie in the same mould as the last one around 10-11” in the slower eddying water.


One more fish was to follow right at the bottom of these streamy runs again a nice fish in the same bracket.


I did fish on until about 8pm but it was really starting to get dark by this point and between 7 and 8pm things really started to slow down, no takes and no fish, all 4 fish were taken between 6pm and 7pm (give or take) and all were take on my t(r)usty Gold head GRHE, it really seems to be a top all season fly on this water.


It did seem as if the fish were all of a larger size than the general fish in the river, I have found that there are a lot of fish in the 5-8” region but tonight for some reason I seemed to hook in to better fish from start to finish.



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