29th August bank holiday treat!!

Well thought I would push my luck with Mrs B and see if I could wangle another trip this bank holiday, my good fortune that having spent the weekend with me she had had enough of my company so , off I tootled out of the house for 7.15 and on the river for 7.40, it was cold so my waxed jacket got it’s first outing for a good few months.

Weather felt much fresher than it has done for a long time , river level appeared about 4” up and had a sort of tea stained colour to it, I didn’t hold out a great deal of hope it has to be said.

Started fishing up by the viaduct with a gold head GRHE on the point and my all singing and all dancing (but not much good a catching) pink shrimp style pattern in the dropper, fished down to that nice pool with the sunken tree on the near bank and was only 15 minutes in to the day when I had my first fish to the net a solid take and a good fight meant I needed the net for this fish which turned out to be a brownie of about 10” nice looking fish was slipped back.

1st of the day

Climbed out of the water and down to the 3-4 streamy looking pools that are upstream of the stone bridge .. nothing doing so had five minutes sit down and changed flies, put the yellow caddis on the dropper and left the GRHE on the point, this had almost immediate affect, bites started coming thick and fast as I fished the run past the stone bridge, so moved the yellow Caddis up to the point fly and stuck a Greenwell’s spider on the dropper, hooked and landed another brownie on the caddis fly on the run past the big stone. Then proceeded to land about 4-5 small  4” or so grayling.

Out I clambered and walked over butterfly bridge and started fishing from there down stream had a good few pulls and takes but no further fish until down by the end of there runs, in the fast-ish water I had a good take and strong fight in the current , another one big enough to net turned out to be about 9”

It looks like in the coloured water the yellow caddis really is a go to fly as they were all over it once I had worked it out!!

It got to 1pm and that was it for the day , a nice day , pretty much bright sunshine all day and although it was tricky in the coloured water there were still plenty of fish to be had.


2 thoughts on “29th August bank holiday treat!!”

  1. Hi I liked your blogs have fished thearea for many years not much in recent ones. could you post pic of you yellow cadiss

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