11th September..Rowland Gil

After missing a trip last weekend , I was really looking forward to getting out for a full session on the river this week. I had decided beforehand to start this session up at Rowlands Gil and split it between there and Winlaton Mill.



The weather was a little breezy and broken cloud giving some spells of sunshine, it must have been about 12-15°C and the river looked to be at a good level as I arrived.


I landed at the Caravan park for about 8am and was already kitted up with a gold head GRHE with a red seal fur collar on a sz 14 on the point and a Greenwell’s spider on the dropper , fished from the bridge and down through the area where the river splits fishing the far bank, hooked and landed a nice small wild brownie of about 7” just at the bottom of this pool where it widens and deepens.


Fished down past the caravan park getting a few decent pulls and another couple of small fish all around the 5” mark , both trout and grayling around this size.

A nice run


Fished right down these smaller streamy runs until about 10am and managed to get into about 6-7 fish in all.


Around this time I decided to get down to Winlaton mill and walked up to the stone bridge. Fished from here through those nice eddying waters and missed a half decent pull about second cast here, there were plenty of fish showing though so promising signs, I took a small fish out just behind that big stone and this was quickly followed by another 5-6 very small fish again a mix of trout and grayling.


Moving down to just past the bend in the river to the slower water and I saw a fish jump clean out of the deeper water on the far bank , looked a good fish maybe 14”+ looked like a wild fish, so … moved back upstream so I was above him and cast my GRHE to a likely looking spot in his area, the flies swung through and past what I thought would be his lie, just as I was about to take another case the line tightened and I was in to him, he took off straight upstream like a torpedo the sulked mid stream for a breather. I saw him clearly in the water now and he was a nice wild fish and was indeed in the 14-15” range……. off he went again towards the far bank, leaping clean out of the water…… unfortunately on landing he had separated himself from my hook!! And off he went, a good fight but he lives to fight another day!! Next time!


Major excitement over I fished on .. and fished the nice pool above the butterfly bridge, nothing doing in this pool but just out of this pool in the slower water I hooked another brownie of around the same stamp of  7” or so. I did fish on down through the pools below te butterfly bridge but the action seemed to have slowed by now , so around about 1.30 that was e for the day.


A good day overall especially the first couple of hours where I must have had about 9-10 fish out , probable as many grayling as trout but all small. Lost that decent fish but will be after him next time out.. hopefully this weekend ,I do need to make some more flies up though as I managed to decorate a few trees on the riverbank this week!



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