1st October Grayling and leaves,

1st October Grayling and leaves,


Weather was very warm about 18°C and bright sunshine, clear skies


Well got a last minute release to have a short afternoon session on the river today armed with my lumpy pink KAT122 on a dropper and gold head GRHE on the point, I was ready to see if I could locate any ladies of the stream today. As I only had a limited amount of time (4 hours or so) I thought once again I would just focus on the area from the stone bridge down over. Upon arrival I decided to walk under the bridge and fish from about 25 yards above the bridge and onwards downstream.



I had pretty much instant success in this run, landing one small grayling just above the bridge and another directly under it, this is how it panned out as I fished down to the bend where the water slows and the bites slowed down, so I changed my point fly to a partridge and orange before I climbed out to walk to the butterfly bridge.



Upon resumption things weren’t a great deal better, I took another couple of small grayling in the streamy runs at Rowlands Gill all of about 5-8” nothing bigger all day.


It was pretty hard work today , some beautiful small grayling to be had and plenty of leaves were hooked!! Once again though not a single trout was hooked all day.


Got another 5-6 hour session  lined up on Saturday 8th so will give it a good go see how we get on!




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