8th October – This Czech Nymphing malarkey

8th October – This Czech Nymphing malarkey


Well I was determined to have a good go at this technique as I have heard so much about it I wanted to see if I could at least get the jist of it!

Looked through a good few articles on the net and armed with my new information and some weighted nymphs and flies I was ready to go.


I walked up past the stone bridge for a mid afternoon session, the bankside vegetation now at a much lower level making the approach to the riverbank much easier than previous. I had a gold head GRHE on the point (more of this later) and a pink KAT122 on the dropper.



Upon arrival at the river though old habits die hard and I reverted to the old faithful down and across !! this proved pretty fruitless though as after an hour or so I only had 2 knocks to my name despite some decent fish showing in some of the slacker water above the final weir before the bridge.


Changing to a Partridge and Orange on the point seemed to change my luck and I had a couple of small grayling to hand but a good few more bites too as I approached the butterfly bridge.


Fishing the very first run almost directly under the bridge which is very narrow I decided that this run might be ideal for the Czech Nymphing technique, so pink bodied fly with partridge hackle on the point pink nymph on the dropper… upstream they went bouncing down and bang.. a decent take and almost instant (beginners luck) on this style, a small Grayling unhooked and slipped back, a couple of casts later and another take and another small Grayling landed.  A promising start !!


I fished on through the next few runs reverting to the down and across method with a little but not much success, again all grayling caught not a trout to be seen.


So … On my next visit I intend to have a full day on the Czech Nymphing technique to see if this beginners luck holds for a full day, it is certainly a different world to the way I normally fish and seems extremely alien to me , I will only take my 9’6” rod with me so I will have little choice than to fish all day on this method.


I did say I would comment more on my Super gold head GRHE that I had tied up for this trip, being fairly cack handed at the vise I was well pleased with the way these flies had turned out.. sure fire fish catchers I thought, well talk about “pride before a fall” as these flies failed miserably on the day…. maybe back to the drawing board on this one… or maybe just a bit of tweaking. Lol


Anywhoo, I have another trip lined up on Saturday all being well … will see how I get on with this upstream malarkey


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