15th October, Icecream in October!

Well thanks to my diamond of a wife, I managed to get out for the fourth week in a row for a couple of hours at Winlaton Mill with the intention of at least an hour trying the Czech Nymphing technique.

I spent Friday night lashing up a few heavyweight nymphs so come Saturday afternoon I was all ready to go.

It was a beautiful day – for a beer in the garden – bright sunshine totally clear skies and must have been about 16°C , unreal for the middle of October more like a Summers day with people waltzing about in shirt sleeves with ice creams!

Set off around 12.30 or so with my rod set up with a 9’ leader and the 2 nymphs set about 20” apart, so I gently plodged in to the river and set about flicking these nymphs upstream , starting off at the run right at the bottom adjacent to Winlaton Mill car park.

I fished up through this streamy run without success so up stream I went to the next run, working through likely looking lies I managed to hook a small grayling of about 6” on a yellow nymph with a hares ear dubbed head on it, I almost caught it by accident as I lifted the flies to make another “cast”

I have to admit I was not really enjoying this style , I found it very difficult to get the flies out and difficult to control the flies, for little or no payback as opposed to the down and across traditional wet fly style. I did however persevere with this method all the way up to the butterfly bridge but without any more success.

I sat down once at the bridge and changed over to a wet fly 2 cast set up with a Partridge and Orange on the point and Partridge and yellow on the dropper. It seemed that the Partridge and yellow was the go to fly today as I had almost instant success on this fly fishing them down and across, hooking in to 3 fish fishing all the way back down to where I had started.

It was not the best day for fishing with it being clear skies and bright sunshine, so maybe it might be worth persevering with the Czech nymph, I don’t know, my gut feeling it to stick with what I am comfortable with and I know that catches fish and has done well for me all season, maybe in a couple of months in the depths of Winter it will be more successful?

So a decent 3 hour (give or take) session, half of that time trying the upstream nymph, then fished back down traditional style, 4 small grayling landed 3 of which were to the Partridge and yellow which seemed to get plenty of attention one it was on the cast.


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