Return of the Brownies 5th November

After my difficulties last time out I decided to start fishing nearer to dusk this time out to see if I had more success later on in the day.


Weather started overcast but pretty mild, I landed on the river about 2pm armed with a gold head grhe and a pink jobbie on the dropper. I walked up past the stone bridgeand started fishing just below the weir upstream of the river. Fished on through  and under the bridge and nothing doing for the first 40 minutes or so but then I had 2 small grayling out just on the bend of the river both on the GRHE.

With time limited to something like 2 hours, I climbed out and walked down to butterfly bridge. Cahnging flies to a cochybhondy with a sparkle tail and a standardy cochybhondu on the dropper. This seemed to be (luckily) spot on as the bites came thick and fast now, another couple of greyling in the 6″ range came to hand on the second run below the butterfly bridge then a small brown of about 7″ was carefully released, that is the first brown I have seen since their season finished.


With the light fading I was working my way down to the pool that is fed by the inlet pipe, letting the flies swing around I had a solid take and  adecent fight from a slightly better feeling fish, a beautiful 9″ brownie that looked in top condition, carefully returned.


That I decided at 4pm would be a good point to stop on.

It has to be said I think it it likely my best 2 hours on the river all season, ok just small fish but plenty of action loads of bites, a slightly bigger fish.. very nice indeed




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