8th January, a quick session

Just a quick session today with my official photographer to tow (otherwise known as the wife). Weather was very overcast and pretty mild for the time of year. River level was well up on arrival looked a good 6″-7″ up and a little bit of colour in the water.

Putting a red tag on the point

Started fishing from the butterfly bridge with a size 14 red tag on the point and a coch-y-bonddu on the dropper, no luck through the first run, second streamier deeper looking run and had a thumping hit and a decent fight from what turned out to be a decent Brownie of about 8-9″ a very nice wild fish.

A nice wild Brownie

Fished down to and through the run by the outlet pipe without any other touches, only fished for just under an hour for what I would say is an above average size fish (for me) for this time of year.

Carol's Handywork

So just a very quick session..more to get some nice snaps, didn’t expect to get any fish out with it being 11am when we landed so a nice brownie was a great bonus.


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