The shame of a blank! 21st January

I might have known it wouldn’t be a brilliant day.


I woke up feeling a little ropey.. nothing to do with excesses of Friday night wine (ahem).


Looking out of the window at home the weather was, windy, cold and on and off rain, not overly cold but it must have been around 8°c but with the wind felt a sight colder.


Despite my better judgement around 10.30am in the car I jumped and pointed the car in the direction on Winlaton Mill hey presto 20 minutes later I landed at the car park, not the deluge of dog walkers I have seen the last few weeks.

Nine Arches in the Winter Sun


Got out of the car and it was like a different world, warmer, sunny , no wind it was unbelievable.


I had already decided to walk further upstream as it had been a fair while since I had fished up by the viaduct and down. By the time I got in the water it was just after 11am.My rod was armed with a Red Tag on the point and a sparkly coch –y–Bonddu on the dropper.


The river level looked a little higher than usual maybe around +5 or +6”(excuse number 1) and looked a little tea stained (Excuse number 2) no where near as clear as usual  however it did still look at a well enough level to fish for the day.


The weather was really changeable as the day wore on, it seemed to flick between really bright sunshine, gusty wind, overcast and rainy .. all of this within a 30 minute spell, really odd.


I fished down for about an hour down to the stone bridge, changing flies a couple of times, tried a yellow caddis style spider which normally works in coloured water, tried a standard Coch-y-bonddu which has worked well recently and finally even resorted to a gold head GRHE.. all to no avail.


After the stone bridge I walked down to the butterfly bridge and fished back down to the car park, fishing through each pool thoroughly and carefully.. all with no joy, not a single bite was to be had!


All in all despite the lack of fish it was a seriously enjoyable day, the weather was overall better than it looked when I left and I felt I fished as well as I could given the previous mention excuses!!


Managed to get some more flies tied up on Sunday , a couple of GRHE and a couple of the same with gold heads ready for early next season, my fly box is beginning slowly to fill up again.





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