Fish at last! 3rd March

After three glorious blanks I wasn’t expecting a great deal it has to be said, I decided to have a trip up to Rowlands Gill as I haven’t been up there barely at all this season. the weather was very changeable sunny one minute then overcast all interspersed with some heavy downpours; it was at least mild so the rain was warm.


I started at the large weir up above the caravan park at around 12 noon

Above Caravan Park

I started fihing where the river splits on the far bank and after about 10 minutes felt the gentlest of pulls followed by a take and a small grayling on a whickhams spider. I was fishing with a whickhams spider and a cruncher type fly on the dropper. these seem to be on the money today as a couple of hundred yards downstream I stumbled upon a shoal of grayling and the fun began, fish after fish fell to these 2 flies from this pool near the fallen tree, I must have take 5-6 fish all grayling all in a 15 minute spell.


Grayling shoal hiding!

I fished right down past the caravan park and had a good take just past the park again in a slow pool , it seemed like a decent fish but he was on and off in seconds, I did however manage another coupl of small grayling from this pool.

Walking back upstream with the intention of heading off home I decided to have another run through the pole directly opposite the caravan park, another 3 grayling were added to the tally and that was that for the day, ended up with something like 13 small grayling landed in a 3½ hour session.


Now I am not normally suspicious….but my last three trips I haven’t had my fishing hat….3 blanks.this time I wore my hat…13fish!!






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