3 Grayling and a Crayfish! 11th March

I had what is likely my last trip of the season on the river Derwent for this season on Sunday. The weather was very warm at about 17°C or so and very sunny, not bad for the middle of March! the river level looked pretty low..as low as I had seen it this season.

I started off at butterfly bridge with a Wickhams spider on the point and a cruncher style fly on the dropper

Derwent in spring sunshine
Derwent in Spring sunshine

I fished through the first two runs with no luck at all not even a touch, changed flies to coch-y-bonddu on the point and small black nymph on the dropper, fished right down to the car park and only had 2 very tentative takes to my name so delecate  I didn’t connect in to them.


Now about 12.30 I had a bit of a sit down and a think …and rested my back! I decided in my wisdom to plumb for the good old gold head GRHE on the point and a partridge and orange on the dropper, thinking that fishing deeper would be where the fish would be!

So new flies on, I walked back up to the butterfly bridge and started again, first run , nothing and the dreaded blank looked on the cards, second run…..and a small grayling of about 5″ was brought to hand to the gold head! Next run and another grayling of about 8″ was also taken on the goldhead!

However just above the inlet pipe I noticed something moving in the water, upon closer inspection I noticed that it was a crayfish, the first I have EVER seen in all my years of fishing.


Excitement over I took one more grayling out past the inlet pipe this time falling to  a partridge and orange. that was the last of the fish for the day. A very tricky day it has to be said clear blue skies made it difficult, getting deep did the trick for the day though.






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