River Blyth 25th March

First day on a new river and there were certainly plenty of doubts that play on your mind after such a good season last season on the river Derwent… have I made the right decision , will the Blyth be as good , will I catch alright on new water?

So it was with some trepadation I arrived at the agreed meeting point and met Daz  (Dazkat) off http://www.gameangler.eu/ga_phpbb3/index.php  at around 1pm under the two giant wind turbines!

The sun was fair beting down and it must have been approaching 20°C with clear skies..a long way from ideal but Daz did promise me fish!! (well that may be something I talked him in to). anyways… after a bit of crack, I was already set up with a gold head GRHE in a sz14 on the point and a whickhams spider on the dropper.


We walked through the farm and stood and looked at the river slow deep runs that looked to deepen on the far bank. I spotted a streamy run 100 yards upstream so made for that. About 40 minutes in and not a touch..those doubts started niggling again…then I noticed Daz into a nice fish downstream a nice brownie of around 11″…I kept fishing slow figure of 8 retrieve to keep the flies moving in this slower water then a pull…and a miss..but hopes raised. This was just past the bend of the river another five minutes and another strong pull and the line tightened ..I was in to my first fish and he felt good, he splashed on the surface then bore deep , bending my rod towards the water. After a couple of minutes he was in the net a beautifully spotted brownie of 14½” and 1lb 5oz for me a cracking start to the season and well pleased.

We fished on down through a very nice streamy looking run that I thought must hold fish, both myself and Daz fished through this pool but strangely nothing, however in the slower pool afterwards we both have more than a couple of takes again casting and slowly retrieving flies.

Comedy moment of the day arrived shortly afterwards, fishing off over a ledge in to a deep pool I (eventually) decided to change my goldhead for a Coch-y-bonndu leaving my Whickhams spider trailing in the water about 8′ from my feet. Lifting my rod to put the fly on and ….line tightened, rod bent .. a fish had taken the fly at my feet, got him quickly to net..a nice fish of about 11-12″….my super new technique impressed Daz I think lol.

We walked along the bank to where the path comes down from the visitor centre it looks REALLY deep on the near side but Daz assured me it was okay to wade and fish usually sit on the far bank alongside some sunken tree. True to his word after about 10-15 minutes of me whipping up the water I hooked in to a nice brownie again in the 11-12″ range , well pleased, it was turning in to a belting day.


A nice spot on the Blyth

After a five minute break we walked back up to the starting point, I fished just below the streamy rum where I had started and almost immediately had a pull, another cast and the line tightened and I was in to a very decent fish, he jumped clear of the water and looked a size, he swam towards and behind me then was off like a rocket towards tree roots on the far bank, I have honestly never had a fish fight so hard, I couldn’t stop him, he made the roots and was off, a very nice fish who must have been in the 2lb range…he took my coch-y-bonndu with him!!


All in all a cracking day was had, great thanks to Daz for some excellent company, great advice and putting me RIGHT on top of the fish..thanks a lot. There seems nothing but big fish in this river, maybe a bit early for the wildfish? not that I am complaining fo course! 🙂




4 thoughts on “River Blyth 25th March”

      1. I know the place you mean in Plessy Woods,the same day I was up at Kirkley Hall with the wife and kids and they have a riverside walk along the River Blyth and we went for a walk along there but I did not see any fish but it looked a bit tricky to fly fish with the trees and branches overhanging even with the trees bare of leaves god knows what it would be like in the summer..I’m looking forward to fishing the Derwent again with the Derwent AA club this year.


      2. Casting does make it interesting at times it has to be said, beautiful surroundings and some nice fish in there if my first trip was anything to go by!

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