5th April…dirty water

Having looked forward to this trip for over a week I was gutted with the snow and rain that fell on Tuesday just a couple of days before I was due to hit the river. Needless to say the river was pretty high and very coloured as I arrived.

On the bright side the weather had taken a turn for the better , so if the fishing was going to be poor at least we would be warm ish.Image

I strated off upstream of the farm armed with a coch-ybhonndu on the dropper and whickhams spider on the dropper …. to say I went through the flybox would be an understatement!!

We fished from 9am until about lunchtime with not a bite between myself and Malcolm who joined me for the day. By this point there was the odd fish starting to show despite the colour in the water, there were also more than a few flies showing, so hopes raised and Whickhams spider back on the point I got back to the river.

Just past the bend near the farm a few fish now seemed to be showing and casting upstream just ahead of that small riffle I had my only take of the day a solid take and fish on…a feisty but brief fight brought a nice 13″ brownie to the net on the Whickhams spider.


We fished on for another couple of hours with more hope than expectation,I didn’t get another bite and at around 4.30pm that was me for the day.

Given the extremely difficult conditions I really didn’t expect to get anything, so to get a fish to the net was more than a bonus, hopfully my next visit will find more favourable conditions and the fish more interested


3 thoughts on “5th April…dirty water”

  1. Hey,
    Great blog. Enjoy reading it. Noticing a lot of your fish you take pictures of have their eyes straight ahead (indicating they are dead or nearly dead). But you say you release them, just wondering if you do something to them before you take a picture (i heard turning them upside down does it). Or do you fight the fish too long/leave out for a photo op too long?

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the kind comments, re the fish..some I keeo for the pot…some get returned, ones that I return are handles with wet hands..laid down and quickly snapped..then carefully returned..not sure about the eyes though!

  2. Another post soon please.
    If I can’t be fishing (medical finals), I’d like someone else to be and to be able to read about it!

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