15th April

After the rain and snow at the back end of last week I was concerned that the river would still be fairly high and coloured for my trip out today, the hail and snow as I left the house at 11am didn’t help my thoughts either, however before I got past the dog and cat shelter at Longbenton the sun was shining brightly although it was still pretty cold in the wind.





Arriving at the river around 11.45; I was pleasantly surprised to find that the level only looked very slightly higher than normal. I had decided to give my 7’ shakey a run out and had a gold head GRHE on the point and a partridge and orange on the dropper. I started as usual just up from the farm on the bend of the river and had a small take as the river straightened out at about 12.30. fished on through the run above the streamy run with no further action then decided to have a walk upstream to see what it was like up there.


I walked up and crossed the river so I must have been maybe 700-800 yards up past the farm, lost of streamy runs , plenty of rocks and the odd slow pool.. all very overgrown and tricky fishing, I did however eventually get in  to a couple of fish, a nice grayling was hooked…and lost.. midstream but he looked a fairly nice fish of maybe 9-10”


I changed up to a coch-y-bondu on the point and this seemed to attract a few more pulls a small grayling of around 6” and a couple of small brownies coming to hand all above the farm. Reaching the slow deep pool about 200 yards up from the farm, I decided to give this pool a good run as I think there are more than a couple of good trout living there, I had a couple of takes which were duly missed , so out I climbed and fished back through the slow runs around the bend.. all quiet. So moved further downstream to the deep pool that used to have the tree branch going in to it…… anywhoo.. I was fishing the far bank and drifting my flies around slowly and saw a decent stockie slash at one of my flies but missed them grrrrr, another 15 minutes or so in this pool then I decided to move down and fish through the streamy run.. first cast here and a good take from a decent brownie of about 10-11” on a coch-y-bondu he put up a very good fight before I got him to hand a beautifully spotted fish who was quickly returned.


Onwards to what is now commonly referred to as the “Blood pool” and despite it looking super fishy nothing was doing…



It was a curious day really cold in the wind, not a lot of fish showing either despite a few flies being about, I must have ended up with about 3-4 brownies and a couple of grayling , a decent enough return for the day although the stockies didn’t want to play today, I suspect they were lying right on the river bed with it being so cold and sunny??


Since this visit it has been rain , rain , rain, which has curtailed my fishing to say the least, on the upside it has given me the opportunity to stock up my fly box for my next trip …if this rain ever stops….failing that I will start on the Ark building lol



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