5th May…water water everywhere

Arrived at the river about 10.25, weather had been mainly dry during the week so I was expecting the river level to have dropped leaving a clear river.. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the water was STILL fairly dirty and also fairly high, not impressed to say the least, it did look just fishable so we decided to walk upstream in the direction of Stannington up past where the railway line crosses the river.


I started with a gold head GRHE on the point and a bright pink bug on the dropper and for 90 minutes.. nothing not a touch, stopped for lunch and had a chat with Malcolm who had one fish out on a Cochybhondu, so changed up to cochybhondu on the point and within 15 minutes had a small 5” grayling to hand. Another couple also followed of the same size and a larger grayling of maybe 9” which was a very nice fish indeed. Decided to try a gold head PTN on the point, now this is a fly I have never really had much confidence in and never really fished that much in the past. I hear it works pretty well on this river so decided to give it a go. Within 10 minutes of putting it on I was in to another small grayling, followed by a very good take in some swirling eddies half way back to the farm, he took again on the second cast but was too quick for me.

Wandering down to the farm, I had a solid thump midstream in some fast water and after a decent tussle netted a nice stock fish of about 11” not really fat enough for the pot so back he went.


That was about it for the day, fished through the slow runs around the farm but it was about 4pm by now and I was pretty much done in.


We did spot a deer on  one of the footpaths on the way upstream on the morning which is always nice to see


A decent day all in all, landing 4-5 grayling and a coupl of brownies,  it seems the river doesn’t waken up until after 1pm when the fish switch on , pretty dead before that.


Not impressed with the amount of time it takes for the water to drop, I hear the Wansbeck and Derwent were well fishable over the weekend , we will see how it goes over the season but if it always takes this long I may be looking elsewhere for my fishing next year despite a decent start to the season.


No photo’s this time as some nugger (ie me) forgot to charge the camera battery!!


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