A couple of May trips in the sun

I have had a couple of sessions under my belt since the last blog entry, thankfully the rain eventually abated and I was able to get out on the river for some fishing, curiously though the water is still pretty coloured and running nowhere near clear, although the level looks to have dropped to about “normal” level.


Beautiful May Sunshine


First session was an evening session, a nice warm sunny evening with loads of fish showing as I arrived….. where I decided it was upstream wet fly only.. or at least that was the plan, arriving at the river at around 5.45 straight from work , armed with a couple of spiders on my leader.


Working upstream, I had exactly….2 hours with not a single touch, casting 10 yards or so upstream in to likely looking spots keeping in touch with the flies as they drifted back towards me and nothing.. maybe more practice needed.. after 2 hours I reverted to type.. good old down and across with  almost instant change in fortune.. landing a couple of grayling in the 8” range and hooking and losing a couple of stockfish, I do have to add that I fully appreciate how upstream is more efficient, for all the reasons posted in my last post.. I don’t enjoy it though and for me fishing is all about …enjoyment, if I hook into the odd bigger fish here and there using the down and across method then fine, I suspect in the main I shall be sticking with what I enjoy..and just occasionally using upstream style in future




My second session was on Saturday 26th May, the weather was blazing hot and clear sky even as early as 11.30 when I landed at the farm stretch of the river.


Rod already set up with a gold head PTN set as the point fly and a black woolly straggly thing on the dropper.. off I set on a trek up to Stannington road bridge, maybe a 20-30 minute walk up through the trees, seeing a few fish showing here and there raised hopes somewhat.


Reaching the bridge, I got in to the water and started plonking my flies in to likely looking holes, about 100 yards down from the bridge in one of the slower pools, I had a very good pull whilst retrieving the flies pretty quickly.. and fish on.. a good fight midstream ensued before he came to the net , a decent stockie of about 3/4lb and 12” or so  taken on my black monstrosity  an excellent start only 20 minutes in to the day , I foolishly thought this was a sign of things to come… I couldn’t have been more wrong!!

A pretty brownie



Working my way down stream (and through my fly box), there really are some excellent looking runs and pools although not a single bite was to be had until about 3pm, when I had a couple of small takes on the coachman fly, in the meantime I both managed to take a tumble in the river, getting some nice cool water in my waders, and fall over on the bank… consistent if nothing else lol…..

A shady spot


I fished all the way back to the farm.. only pausing for a fine selection of cheese savoury bites.. without another take, curious, then just above the farm, I took a small grayling of 8” on a small ginger spider, quickly followed by a smaller brownie on the coachman this time, things were picking up as the sun was slowly sinking


Now almost at the farm stretch and fishing one of the gentle eddies down there, a fish made a splashy rise just upstream of me.. moving upstream and in line with him I dropped my flies where the rise was, and an instant hit, as soon as the flies hit the water, this felt like a slightly bigger fish as he bore deep for the far bank, having learned my lesson, I didn’t give him an inch and he turned and headed upstream , putting plenty of side strain on I turned him and got him to the net, only a slightly bigger fish taken on the coachman.


And that was me for the day at 5.30, a strange day after an excellent start, very hard work in the middle of the day maybe the blazing sun and clear skies didn’t help? Although come 4.30ish everything seemed to come alive.

Dirty water




2 thoughts on “A couple of May trips in the sun”

  1. you done better than me,i had 3 on drys and a couple on upstream wets at hartford then 2 blanks in a row,there was a few mayflys showing though on last trip

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