Langley Dam 16th July

Having had almost a month without ANY fishing whatsoever due to the almost constant rain in the North East, I decided to give stillwater a bash. Not a type of fishing I normally enjoy… or am very good at.. maybe those two things are linked eh?

So with Sat. Nav. set off I went on Monday morning at about 9.30 arriving at Langley about 10.15 or so, went to pay up and went for a 6 hour 4 fish session for £20.

Langley Dam
Langley Dam

Got set up with a Dawsons on the point and diawl bach on the dropper and walked to the water just down from the lodge, I decided to have half an hour here before moving on. There is a reed bed and a nice looking bay , no fish moving though…about 15 minutes in I had my first take..very gentle and a small Perch cam to odd start and the first on a day of firsts!


My first Perch!

I like Perch! they are a beautiful fish and I have never caught one before so that is one thing ticked off! not quite what I was expecting though. Anywhoo that was that not another touch in the next 15 minutes or so , so I decided to move on. I walked right around the reservoir to the tree lined bank opposite the lodge and changed up to a bibio on the point , leaving the diawl bach on the dropper.


Starting on the bend right near the house, I carefully waded out and cast , slow retrieve and bang.. this wasn’t a perch, a really solid fight bending my rod hard and to be honest I had trouble turning him from the reeds, but he eventually succumbed to the net, taken on a diawl bach least I hadnt blanked, knocked him on the head, sorted out my leader and waded back out.



Very next cast and another take this time on the bibio, this one took line from the reel and took a couple of minutes to get to the net , so just over an hour in and 2 fish in the bag..what a start.


A couple of nice rainbow trout

Happy days, I worked anong this bank and decided to give the dry a go , taking Dazkats advice I tied a grey Klinkhamer on the point with an olive buzzer on the dropper, there was a gentle right to left breeze drifting the flies nicely and after about 10 casts I had a solid thump to the buzzer (my first on a buzzer), another very good fight and another to the net, it was turning in to a good day.

Thinking Olive might be the colour I changed to an olive Klinkhamer on the point.. a few fish were showing now, so casting to the area where fish were showing now near the boathouse, there was a “swirl” right on my dry, I tightened and fish on, It was magical, my first on a dry and I was over the moon… decided to stop for lunch, ASDA’s own mince pies.. not the nicest but did the job lol.

Working around the bend and back towards the lodge now I was starting to feel tired but the fish were still showing, so I had a sit down on the steep bank and cast to the odd rising fish, rising and missing a couple and taking another on the dry.

Time was marching on now and after a couple of steady showers I went back to the bibio / Diawl bach combination and took my 6th and final fish of the day back near the house.


Finally on the way back I had another go in the small bay near the lodge taking another couple of Perch for good measure!!

It was really nice to be out on some water again and although not my favourite type of fishing it was certainly an interesting and enjoyable day in beautiful surroundings, 6 nice rainbows netted, my first on the dry, first on a buzzer and first Perch, so canntot complain.

4 nice rainbow


Hopefully river levels will drop and I will be able to get back out on the Blyth next week.



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