July 22nd, Half a session

First time for about a month , give or take and upon arrival the river was found to be still a little bit high and fairly colourd but still looked fishable, I tried half an hour around the farm on dry fly with unsurprisingly no action, so I decided to walk upstream to the viaduct.

Strangely the water up here looked a little clearer so with hopes raised, on went a gold head GRHE and a standard.. or as standard as I can make.. hares ear on the dropper.

Dirty water

Just down from the viaduct I had my first take in streamy water and a nice grayling of about 5″ came to hand and was carefuly returned. Another 50-100 yards downstream and another grayling slightly bigger this time also feel to the gold head. See below for a nice picture of my hand lol

My hand! Oh and a grayling

I was now at the pool where there is a large long bush that runs right into the water and looks very fishy indeed, to confirm this there was a geltle rise right up against the bush.. two casts to this and a gentle take but I missed him on this occasion, difficult to tell if it was a large fish or not .. but I shall return to him.

Working down this pool into the slower water I had a solid hook up and a very nice grayling for me this time. Maybe about 9″ or so and slender and bright silver, they really are beautiful fish, got him to the net and took a quick snap before returning him to fight another day

A pretty grayling

It was as nice a grayling I have caught for a season or so , I was well pleased and it looked like I was in for a good session……..  all that was changed with a snap of a rod tip…again just as the leader was pulled back through the eyes after catching this fish.

I tried to fish on with the shrtened rod but it was impossible, with no spare rod in the car that was me for the day…going home more than a little annoyed.

Not a brownie to be seen all day, a bit odd, Only fished for maybe just over an hour and got three to hand and another couple of takes , hopefully this nicer weather will hold and I will get back to the river!


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