Tuesday 24th July an evening session

As the nights are now slowly starting to shorten, I decided to have an evening session on the river Blyth on the farm stretch tonight. It had been an incredibly warm and humid day and despite the threatening clouds all day the rain had kept off, indeed as I got nearer to the river the sky was clearing of cloud and some sun was showing, although still incredibly humid.

Fishable at last


I was about to have a go right on the farm when I saw a father and son fishing this stretch so after a bit of crack, I decided to walk upstream to the “bush pool” and try my luck there, I had a gold head GRHE on the point and a black spidery type thing on the dropper.


Fishing just above the bush pool, I was almost instantly in to a fish and almost inevitably it was a grayling of about 6”, a promising start, this was followed by a welcome wild brownie of about 7” and another grayling, all falling to the gold head and all in about a 20 minute spell between 6.25 and 6.45 a couple of pulls followed and one small brownie,  I pricked a bigger fish but he wouldn’t stick… then it went dead…. as I worked my way  back to the farm not a bite was to be had, there was little or no action on the surface either so I stuck with the gold head for now.


Arriving at the farm I decided to stick on a dry and give that a go for the last hour, so on went an olive klinkhamer. There was the very occasional rise here and there but nothing prolific, working up from the slow pools around the farm I cast my dry to the far bank in the slow deep water, a rise.. a strike and my first river fish on the dry.. a small brownie of about 5” mission accomplished!  Now with a bit more confidence that I was on the right track I landed another to the dry this time a grayling of about 7”


The light was now fading as it was approaching 9pm, a couple more tentative rises followed to the dry but no solid takes so I decided that was enough for the day.



It was a nice if too warm session only about 3 hours but pretty productive, I managed 6 fish out and a couple of those off the top which was a huge bonus for me. All being well, I will give the Hartford stretch a good go on Sunday



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