Sunday 12th August

Well after a cracking week up in Seahouses with the family I was given a pass out for the day on the river on Sunday.

I arrived at about 11am with the sky overcast and about 18°C. I was expecting the river to be really high after the downpours earlier in the week but was pretty pleased to see that the river was at a very good level and well fishable.

It was curious, before I set off me and the Mrs. B had a discussion along the lines of… Trout are stupid they will take anything. So I asked her to pick a fly out of my fly box and I would stick it in competition against my choice when getting to the river, she went for a cochybhondu with a pink hotspot behind the hackle… I started with a gold head hares ear on the point… game on. First to 3 fish!!

I had intended to walk right up to Stannington bridge but didn’t quite make it, as usual I had a little go at the farm stretch before walking up, nothing doing in the slower runs so I had a go in the riffley run about 100 yards upstream and had a couple of pulls but no fish.

So off upstream I headed and made it to the bush pool and decided I had walked far enough and to fish on from this point back to the farm. I took 2 grayling and 2 brownies in this pool … 2 on the gold head and 2 on the Cochybhondu game on indeed, could the missus be right lol? I ran through the rest of this pool without much more action and decided to drop the gold head and go for a small (size14) GRHE. Reaching a beautifully shaded deep pool about 100 yards down stream I was sure there would be a decent fish in there. And so it proved drifting my flies slowly through this pool the line just tightened not the sharp jaggedy pull of a smaller fish but a decent brownie. He burrowed deep in to his pool and bent my rod hard. Applying some side strain I turned him towards me and could feel him shaking his head as he drew nearer… and in to my net. A beautifully spotted brownie of about 15”. I am not really sure if he was a stockie or a wild fish he was so well marked and full fined it is difficult to tell.

Anyway with strict instructions not to return with fish (due to full freezer) this big fella will live to fight  another day.. a couple of quick snaps and off he went sulking off back to his deep hole. Fortunately he fell to the GRHE so…… through luck or good fortune I edged out the Cochybhondu 3-2!!  Phew

Working back to the farm I caught a good mix of trout and smallish Grayling, the grayling being of a bigger size than the trout. Ending up with something like 9 fish  to hand before I got back to the farm.

There was still no fish showing as had been the case all day but I still decided to have the last hour of so on the dry fly so went an olive Klinkhamer suitably ginked up … and casting over to the far bank where the deeper slower water is. Nothing for about 30 minutes then a slash at the fly by a small brownie, duly missed…  and that was the size of things for the day. A really nice day on the  river, the clouds cleared by lunchtime and out came the sun, long period of unbroken sun and clear skies , things were difficult for an hour or so between 2 and 3 pm but after that things picked up again.

The saga of my dealings with Sonik continue however, having started with the brand new 8’6” they kindly sent me a tumble on the bank ended the life of this one with it breaking about 2” from the top. I would like to say I was surprised that it broke but I am not in the slightest have had 3 rods go on me in the space of a couple of months, despite their excellent customer care , it would seem that the rods are actually made of glass, I cannot even be bothered to let them know about this , this time and will just chalk it down to experience…. more business for Shakespeare I guess as I will purchase another Odyssey rod from them.


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