Thursday 23rd August..Hard work!

A very short session on the Blyth tonight and likely the last evening session that I will be able to fit in directly after work due to the nights now starting to put in by about 8.30.


Weather was VERY warm and overcast with showers intermittent throughout the day, I had my doubts that the water would be fishable due to the amount of rain.


I arrived on the water and decided to have a walk upstream towards the bush pool, water was pretty high and borderline too high to fish but on I marched… 10 minutes later I landed and the whole flow of a nice run has been totally changed by a huge tree that has fallen right across the river , maybe 30 yards up from this pool, it must have made some nose and splash as it came down.. pleased I wasn’t anywhere near it when it fell.


I started fishing with a gold head on the point and a coachman on the dropper, fishing through the first pool with not much action until I hit the tail end of the pool when I had a decent take and got a smallish brownie of about 7” to hand but nothing else was doing in this usually productive pool.


Moving down to the shady pool where I took a nice brownie out last time and the heavens opened , it was torrential for about 15 minutes as I fished through this pool.. without a touch.


I worked my way back to the farm with the light faltering and only had another couple of takes before I got to the farm, I fished through both the streamy run above the farm and the slower pools but nothing doing, high and coloured water made for an extremely difficult couple of hours.. although at least it wasn’t a blank I guess


No photos as the camera was left behind at home! So just some of my Sons handy work below !!


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