Saturday 15th September

First full day for a good while as the weather played ball all week and the level looked perfect, if not a little low upon arrival. The sky was pretty clear and it was warm for the time of year at around 15°C.


I started at the farm stretch with a green goldhead nymph on the point and a cochybonndu with a hotspot on the dropper..first cast and a small take .. a promising start. I worked down to right outside the farm and had a solid thump and quickly got a very nice grayling to hand.


A good start and I decided to have a walk up to Stannington bridge. I stopped off on the way up at the bush pool and had almost immediate success landing three nice grayling all ain the 6-7″ range and also got the only brownie of the day. all of these were taken on a gold head GRHE.
Working my way down from the bridge I was still getting plenty of takes and found a very nice looking run which was a little deeper than a lot of the water that far upstream. Third cast in this run and I was in to a very good fish who jumped clear of the water and he was a cracking grayling well over the 1lb mark and easily a PB for me .. however he was quite a wily fish as he swam fast towards me and made for a submerged rock I stripped line bu the was too quick and he actually jumped on to the rock and was off!

BIG grayling in here!


I had another two rock solid takes in this pool which seemed to have it’s fair share of good sized grayling, I just couldn’t get them to stick.


I worked back down to the farm and took another couple of fish, they seemed to be keener on the flies with a bit of colour in them. I had the last hour or so on the dry fly but they weren’t playing today.


A nice day in the sun, I took 8 grayling to about 10″ and one small brownie..I will be back tomorrow to see if I can get one of those big grayling out!





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