Sunday 16th September

Well I managed to squeeze another day out on the Blyth today (thanks to Mrs Blood) and the weather had totally changed from yesterday, pretty overcast and a whole lot cooler made for a trickier day.


I arrived and about 10.30 at the farm and had a walk back up to that nice run up above the viaduct determined to get back amongst those large grayling, I had a gold head GRHE on the point and a hot spot Cochybhondu on the dropper.. after the 20 minute walk I was please to get in the water!


Second cast in and had a thump of a take on the gold head and fish on he put a great fight up in the current then absolutely flew towards me at some speed… got him netted and a decent if not spectacular fish of about 10” was released to fatten up! There are much much bigger in there though and despite spending something like 25 minutes on this pool that was it for the day out of this run.



Things went very quiet after that not a touch until I got to the nice run just  where the path comes down a steep bank , I spotted a rising fish on the far bank.. not sure of his size though.. by now I had the hotspot on the point and Whickham’s spider now on the dropper.


I cast just above him and the line tightened gently, I stuck and hooked in to him, he fought deep and slow bending my rod hard to the water surface, a nice brownie of around 13” came to the net on the hotspot and duly released back to his feeding station

I did get a very similar take in that nice looking run that runs down the far bank just where the water slows down, again a very slow take but this time he was on … and off to fight another day


Now just a couple of hundred yards above the farm I took a smallish grayling of around 6” out of the deep slow pool and failed to attract a nice looking fish rising close to the farm side bank.


My back was now just about done in now but I decided I would just fish through the slow farm runs and took 3 more fish as the afternoon was coming to a close, the first was cast to a rising fish close to some overhanging bushes, a difficult cast but once I got it right it was a nice 5” grayling, the second was taken after showing himself at the far bank and again fell to the hotspot, this one a very feisty small brownie of about 7” whose fight belied his small stature!


Last but not least another grayling again only small but who once again took a liking to the hotspot cochybhondu.


It was a fairly tricky day overall, certainly less bites on the day and less fish too although things did seem to liven up mid to late afternoon when I took about 4 fish in an hour.. again fish were more biased towards grayling, not surprising given the time of year I guess.


It also seemed like the hotspot cochybhondu could be a decent addition to my fly box for this river.


It was an expensive trip however as while I was away the Mrs decided to splurge a nice amount of coin on a couple of handbags!! That’ll teach me! lol

a nice handbag!



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