8th October… a few hours

After a couple of very nice days up in the lake district with Mrs B I managed somehow to wrangle a couple of hours on the river this afternoon. The weather was really bright, not a cloud in the sky and for the first time this year fairly chilly. I suspected that the river would still be fairly high and so it proved it was still something like 12” up and fairly coloured and to be honest if it wasn’t so long since my last trip I wouldn’t have even bothered as it looked borderline unfishable.

However my need for a fishing fix took over and I decided to give it a go anyway… I walked up past the viaduct and crossing the river proved a little trickier than normal as the normally calf high water was now a little over knee deep and fair rushing past so a lot more care was needed just to cross the river. So up I walked past the viaduct and in to my big grayling pool ® I started with a gold head on the point and partridge and orange on the dropper, hmmm not a touch in this pool , on to the next run with the same outcome.. then a gentle pluck which I missed… not a great start.

Out I climbed and walked down to the pool just after where the path drops down but again the fish were proving very elusive and I assume they were both deep and in the slacker water to avoid the semi flood conditions.

Almost back to the farm now and I bumped in to the gentleman who lives on the farm, I was all ready for going home but after a brief chat, I decided to tool back up and have another half an hour on the farm stretch of water, again nothing doing until just under the tree in the slacker water, I hooked in to an almighty fish bending my rod hard and deep to the water when ping! My leader gave away and off he swam with my fly… bugger. I didn’t get a look at him so I will never know if he was a big grayling, or brownie or sea trout, I do know he seemed a lump of a fish though.

It was a curious day and lessons learned I will be tying up some weighted gold heads for my next visit to see if I can get my fly back.


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