Saturday 3rd November


Well I set off for the river; more in hope than expectation after a reasonably heavy downpour on Wednesday night got me thinking that the river might have been high and unfishable.


I already had my rod set up with a leaded GRHE with a hotspot behind the gold head and a cochybhondu with a hot spot on the dropper.. I approached the river with trepidation…. but my fears were unfounded… it DID look a fair bit high but certainly well fishable.


The temperature cannot have been much over 2°C when I arrived on the water and it was just about clear skies.. not ideal but there was no way I was not going to be fishing after a 3 week absence. The water however was bloody cold as I found out later on the day retrieving my fly from a snag on the bottom!!


As has almost become custom, I like to wet a line at the farm stretch before deciding where to fish for the day. No action was to be had from the streamy run at the top of this area all the way through to the deep pool opposite the farm.


Not overly deterred I clambered out and had a walk along to that nice deep run up past the viaduct where I know there are a couple or three decent Grayling. I ran my flies through here for about 20 minutes and still not even a touch.. niggling doubts start to seep in to your mind that you are doing something wrong, but I tried to remain positive as it was still relatively early. However at this point I was pulling more leaves out that fish!


Fishing down towards the bush pool I had what I thought was a gentle take.. or was it the bottom?? Hopes slightly raised (either way) I worked closer to the bush pool through a nice bubbly run and had a good pull but missed him, it was now about 11.30 and seemingly the fish were starting to wake up!!

Staying in this run, another pull and I was not daydreaming this time and a nice 7” grayling came to hand on the GRHE variant.


There was nothing doing in the bush pool oddly , working down now to where the path comes down towards the river, I took another couple of pulls and 2 hook ups both smallish (6” or so ) grayling again falling to the GRHE , things were starting to liven up now with bites becoming more frequent.


These did the trick this weekend!


I fished all the way back to the farm getting another couple of fish to hand one of which was around the 10” mark, so a decent size fish who put up a steady fight in the current


I finished up around 3pm



It was an odd and difficult day, things started off very slowly and no bites were to be had for the first hour or so… it was pretty cold and cloudless.. as things warmed up it started to get a little busier with the fish starting to show an interest from about 11.30 or so .. all bar two of the fish fell to a GRHE variant the other two fell to a red tag (Old School!!  Lol).

It seemed that most of the fish were to be found in the riffly water at the tails of pool although I am sure there are some bigger specimens in the slower deeper water, I will certainly have a later start next time as 9.30 – 11.30 was slow slow slow.


Shamefully no photographs this time as I set off with a flat battery in my camera, which was unfortunate as the river really does look beautiful at this time of the year; with the yellow, brown, red and gold leaves, especially when the sun is out , it really lights the colour up spectacularly; like natures stain glass window!


I also think it is fair to say that the “ladies of the stream” have taken over the river whilst the trout concentrate on “other business”.. not a trout to be seen all day!!



All being well,  I will get another trip out this coming Saturday or Sunday.. hopefully with my camera fully charged!



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