Saturday 10th November

Another Saturday ….another day on the Blyth.


After my last trip out the previous week , I decided to get out a little later as early morning seemed to be sleepy time for the fish last week, so 10 bells I arrived on the river, it was definitely milder at about 8°C and bright sunshine although there had been a localised frost on the fields just outside the farm which was slowly thawing by the look of it on the longer grass.


The river looked in great nick, after a dry-ish week it had dropped to what looked like Summer levels and was running pretty clear too.. happy days


I was set up with an orange hotspot GRHE on the point (weighted) and cochybhondu on the dropper. Second cast in at the streamy run at the farm and I had a pull but he was missed. I worked right through the farm stretch over the next 40 minutes or so and all was very quiet, no fish rising either.


Time to get upstream so out I climbed and walked up and above the viaduct. Fishing the nice wide pool where the big grayling are  (I think) still no takes so I decided to fish the far side of this run, “high-sticking” the weighted flies on a very short line (no fly line on the water). Watching the end of the fly line for bites I noticed the line pull upstream, I lifted in to a fish, a nice grayling on the hotspot , a fish of about 8” or so. Not my favourite method of fishing but got the job done!!


I continued down through this run and the following pool and not a bite to be had. So I decided to change up and put a unweighted Cochybhondu on the point and a red tag on the dropper; feeling that the fish were sitting a bit high in the water.


Now in to the bush pool I took another couple of smaller Grayling on the Red Tag, this seemed to be doing the trick with a few more bites coming as well, seemingly the fish were indeed sitting a little bit higher in the water maybe with it being slightly warmer?


Now I was just 500 yards or so above the farm in the pool that has the nice run on the far side of the river this really is a cracking looking pool but generally one that I don’t do too well in, , running these flies through the eddying water on the far bank I took a nice grayling of about 7” on the Cochybhondu. Shortly after this I had a very solid take towards the end of this run, which I duly missed,  so I decided to stick around on this run and was rewarded with another solid thump and a hook up this time.


I could tell instantly that this was a much better fish, he bore deep and held his own mid stream, I was sure that he was a big Grayling but as I got him closer to the net, I was astonished to see he was actually, a monster brownie….. well not quite a monster brownie but certainly a decent one of about 14” and maybe over a pound or so, really not sure if it was a stockie or a wild fish but his markings were beautiful, a quick snap taken of him in the net then off he went to fight another day

Stock fish?


I fished back down to the farm taking another smallish grayling on a cochybhondu in the deep pool before the rapids and that was me for the day.



It was a fairly  difficult day all in all, maybe I persevered too long with weighted flies when getting no action and should have changed up earlier, I must have ended up with 5 Grayling or so and that very nice brownie. And must have missed a similar amount of bites on my way downstream to the farm.. true to form!


Cochybhondu, Red Tag were the go to flies today , in fact red seemed to be the preferred colour of choice today in the clearer water


2 thoughts on “Saturday 10th November”

  1. Hey there nice blog, i was wondering if there is any fishing clubs in the area ,i stay in Dundee but my partner is from Gateshead ,and we were thinking about moving there ,so was wondering if there any beats on the Tyne or Derwant that were close??

    1. Hi Scott, I am no Expert!! however there is Axwell park on the derwent that is £78 for the season, I pay £50 a season to fish on the river Blyth, both are excellent clubs, plenty of good size stock and wild fish in both clubs.. there is loads of good fishing in and around newcastle both stillwater and river.

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