Over simplifying?

I think I own 3 fishing rods.. well three and a half I guess if you include the broken fibreglass one that my brother bought me when I was 13 (or so) that I cannot bare to part with.

I have one 7’ Shakespeare Odyssey, which is my go-to river trouting rod.

I have a 7’6” Shakespeare Trion (I think) that is a back up that I carry in case of breakages (see Sonik SK3 saga)

I also have a Diawa 9’6”  #7 that I use for reservoir fishing

So lets talk about reels… of which I own 4, I was always told that for river fishing the reel was only to hold line there is really no need to have a drag system that would stop a charging bull in 10 yards flat when in most river systems there just isn’t the requirement for it.

Of the four I own , I must confess to a moment of tackle tart weakness, in the Sonik Lite reel that I own, it is a 3-4# anodised finish and the only bit of kit that I have lusted after…for the princely sum of £80c off our friends at Ebay and that included a Snowbee floating line (in ivory if you are interested in those sort of things) and looks something like this…

I own a Reel that I use for reservoir fishing, with a couple of spare spools , and from my youth (my pride and joys).. I own a couple of Rimfly intrepid reels, one loaded with a DT sinker and the other a floater.

“Hardware” wise that is about the sum of things, these cover all the fishing I do or am ever likely to do.

“Ancillary” wise I have the following… Airflow waistcoat (which I bought with some vouchers I won), £15 scoop net again off good old Ebay. Scissors attached to one of the waistcoat zingers. Waders £24 Bison chesties off Ebay.. that is about the size of it… it needn’t be expensive

Rod…. £30

Reel and line £80 (my only extravagance)

Waders £24

Net £15

That is enough to get you away all for less than £150 notes.. and you can get considerably cheaper reels than mine!

However I think the absolute best piece of kit I have purchased over the last few years is a couple of small magnets with a length of elasticised cord which combines to attach my scoop net to the back of my waistcoat, the location of my net was a constant  issue and this £10 item has taken all those problems away!

I do wonder when I see some folk with rods costing more than three times my whole kit if I am going wrong somewhere!! Is it really that much better, I find my river set up more than adequate, the rod has handled brownies just shy of 2lb with consummate ease, I can cast it all day over a 6-7 hour river session without any issues, is a rod that costs 8x the price 8x better and in what way? Maybe an ounce or so lighter, maybe better rings?  Maybe I am just a bit tight with me cash?

I do tend to think I have a very simplistic view to fly fishing though, I must only use about a dozen different fly patterns a year, fish with 4lb straight through mono from a braided leader.. maybe that mirrors my views on expensive tackle?

We wont talk about fly tying feathers and silks though as Mrs Blood says I must have all of the world birds just about covered by now!! lol


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