End of season review

As it looks like I will be lucky to get out on the river before the season on the Blyth closes on 31st January, maybe now is as good a time as any to put the second half of the 2012-2013 season in to the history books.

My season pass catch return is already filled in. New fly box is starting to fill up with some likely looking spiders for the new season already

Picking up where the half season report left off….

I am pleased to report that my old faithful Shakespeare Odyssey has not suffered any of the issues that plagued my Sonik SK3 throughout the first half of the season; although fishing has been sporadic at best due to the continued high river levels due to the excessive rain we have had during Autumn and Winter… I have to add that although unwelcome it is more acceptable at this time of year as I have the attitude of if I get out it’s a bonus!

Despite the rain I had a couple of good sessions still , one in November resulted in landing a good handful of Grayling and the Brownie pictured below who was a good size and in good condition given out of season too. I found that Brownies still appeared here and there despite being out of season.

Grayling were also about in abundance , never getting any of the real big fish landed, I did hook up to a couple of really nice 1lb+ fish but they were too wily for me and slipped the hook , although some very nice fish still came to hand


Really beautiful silver bars and totally wild fish , really something to behold.

Fly wise the usual suspect for the time of year did the trick I guess, heavily weighted hot spot GRHE, red tags and hot spot cochybhonndu all doing the business during the late summer and Autumn.

These did the trick this weekend!
These did the trick this weekend!

Looking back it seems that a lot of the back end of the season has been spoilt by the rain but when I look back over my posts I managed to get out a lot more than I remember, maybe sometimes fishing when the water was a bit too high but only managed one blank over the season which cannot be bad. That blank was slightly softened by the spotting of a mink frolicking in the water something I have never seen in all my years of fishing.

Hopefully next year will be drier and I will get even more trips out on the river Blyth.


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