Not long now…..

Pre season amble


Well it that awful time, too far to the next season to get too excited but enough time to start to get some running repairs done and the fly box topped up

Looking back through my blog gives me a good indication of what we can expect early season on the Blyth.


I already have Friday 22nd March booked off for opening day on the river , along with a couple of fishing buddies, if it is anything like last year it will be a belter.. it was clear blue skies and unseasonably warm for the last week in March.


Starting on the farm stretch I didn’t have a touch for about 30 minutes then I hooked in to a solid stockie of just about 1¼lb I added another couple of stock fish as the day went on too; an exciting start.


However if it follows last year it will be a couple or three weeks before the wild fish start to show any interest in my flies….. I am not too sure if that is down to me or them though!


So , I have made a start on filling my Birthday treat fly box up (thank you Mrs Blood) I decided to downsize my variety of files this year and with that in mind went for a much smaller fly box; in which I only intend to carry about a dozen different flies.



Red tag,

Cochybhondu (and variant)

Black spider

Greenwell’s spider

GRHE (and with hot spot), and with Goldhead

A few weighted GRHE

Black and peacock spider

Partridge and orange

Partridge and yellow

Snipe and purple




Now I have written them down there seems to be more variety than I expected, however that is pretty  much all I will use all season long.


A roll of 4lb nylon has been purchased for my leaders off our good friends at Ebay.. 1400 meters for the princely sum on £5.99 should keep me going long enough I suspect.. even at the rate I catch trees, although last year I recon I only lost about a dozen flies all year to the evil tree  folk!


I have my waistcoat to repair as I snapped the a D ring on the very last day of the season, waders should be in good nick as they were new last year, my old faithful Shakespeare Odyssey will hopefully do me well over the coming months too but apart from that I think I am all good to go . I imagined the stretch from 31st Jan up to 22nd March would have been a slog but it has fairly flown by.



38 sleeps and counting to the start of the new season…



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