Still no fish! 30th March

Well another day on the Blyth another blank.. however this time I blanked in style!! Not even managing a bite in a five hour session.

I arrived at the river about 10.30 am with a pretty dry week behind us the river was looking in fairly good condition and at a good level, it was still a little chilly when I arrived although it did warm up as the day went on.


I started as usual on the farm stretch with a gold head on the point and a greenwells spider on the dropper, I fished right through the farm stretch… twice!! Without so much as a touch, trying a good few flies along the way.. cochybhondu, red tag, gold head GRHE, whickhams spider, you name it, almost all of my flies had a run without any action and no signs of fish either.

So, I decided to have a walk up the river to just before the viaduct to the good “old faithful” bush pool, surely this would produce, nope!

I worked back down towards the farm through the slow pools and the riffley water without so much as an offer, I soon bumped in to another angler who was suffering the same fate as me, despite the excellent conditions , good water level and some sunshine nothing was doing.


I got back to just above the farm and fished in to the dam pool , a slow deep water pool that normally holds a fish or two.. nothing, time was now about 3pm, I decided to have one more go through the farm pools but enough was enough , the fish weren’t playing today so off I went home

To say it has been a disappointing start to the season would be an understatement, hopefully things will pick up in the next week or so and the water might start to warm though.

All being well I will be out again this coming weekend see if I can improve on my one bite in nine hours of fishing!!

So not a brilliant start but with the weather and hopefully the water warming a bit hopefully the sport will improve in April


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