King of the Blanks! Friday 12th April


So “persistence is the key” or so they say, well I think that the Blyth trout are stretching that to the max this early in the season. Another day out on the river, this time a rare Friday treat for me this week again on the farm stretch.


The weather Gods weren’t smiling on us though! After a week of dry.. mild-ish weather I awoke on Friday morning to the pitter patter of rain on the bedroom window, it was fairly cold and the rain got heavier as I got closer to the river.



Arriving about 10.30,  where I met Brian off Fly fishing forum and Malcolm. Walking  down through the farm and approaching the river we spotted a large Roe Deer on the far bank. The river once again looked in excellent condition as I chatted to Brian as he kitted up.


I was already  set up with a weighted GRHE on the point and a Whickham’s spider on the dropper, Malcolm set off first through the Farm stretch , I followed through about 10 minutes after, them Brian…. nobody had a touch , no fish rising… a familiar tale so far this season and negative thoughts already creep in after such a dreadful start to the year.



So , to show Brian some of the water we walked up to Stannington  road bridge , a walk of about  20 -25 minutes, the rain had thankfully stopped and it started to feel a little milder due to this, I jumped in at the bridge and fished a couple of pools from the far bank , nice slow fishy looking pools but nothing doing. There is some really nice water this far up and I dipped in and  out most of the streamy runs as I worked my way back down to more familiar pools, still… not a  fish to be seen and no bites or fish rising, no flies hatching the river looked dead!!


Nearly back to the Farm now, I fished the nice run where I took a grayling last time but to no avail, another blank was on the cards….it was now 3pm or there about and after about 5 hours my back was starting to complain, enough was enough, all three of us finished up without so much of a  touch.


I am not sure what the problem is on the Blyth  my  mate Daz was out on Saturday and took one fish he saw  rising but I think that was his only touch of the day.



Nice to meet and fish with Brian, a thoroughly decent chap! Thanks for the company and hope you enjoyed your first time on the Blyth despite the lack of fish.


A slightly abridged version of events this time around as I am struggling to find different ways to say I  blanked… again


It certainly stretches your patience more than a little……. roll on Saturday and another battle will ensue!! As they say persistence is key…..

Just in case we forget he is a pic of a fish I caught last year….to try and keep my spirits up a bit

Stock fish?
Stock fish?




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