Yay FISH at last 27th April


Another day on the river… trying to remain positive, I decided to change things up a bit.. not that I am superstitious or anything you understand.  So out came the “spare” rod , a Shakespeare Odyssey 7’6”more about this rod later…. away went the sonik lite and replaced with rimfly intrepid with hot coral floating line…….. even changed my wading socks… no superstitions at all!!


I arrived at the river about 11am weather was bright a little breezy maybe about 12°C and the river was rather surprisingly looking a little low, I thought there might have been some fresh water in there after the rain we had during the week.



I started off with a weighted GRHE on the point and a red tag on the dropper on the farm stretch.. these were quickly deposited up a nearby tree so I opted for a cochybhondu on the point and black spider on the dropper. There is a decent fish lying in the slowest deepest part of the farm pools he has taken my fly both last time out and this time but he just seems to be gently mouthing at flies at the moment, really really gentle pluck at the flies and no way to hook him up, hopefully as the season progresses I will get him too the net.


Still, no sign of fish rising but there was a little fly life about even this early. I fished on through the farm stretch then set off up towards the viaduct, I started in that nice run that held the big grayling over winter but all was quiet until I got to the bush pool at about 3pm



I had almost fished it right through to the tail when a gentle retrieve brought a decent pull and there it was my first wild brownie of the season on the Cochybhondu, about 5” in length at most  a beautifully marked fish was slipped back… I was happy!! 


A short while later Daz turned up with his mad dog!! He proceeded to be my fish spotter for the next hour or so  (Daz, not the dog). A few fish were now starting to rise there were flies all over the place, just past where the path cuts down in the slack water there were a couple of fish now showing, I managed to get a pull off one of them but missed him, so on we went towards the next rising fish, this one was rising frequently and confidently in around the same are and looked a good fish.


I worked my way towards him , still rising one more false cast …. and hooked in to the tree behind.. you couldn’t make it up… eased back upstream and untangled my flies…thankfully he was still rising… next cast about 5 yards upstream of  him drifting over his lie and a solid hook up and fish on! To say he fought stubbornly was an understatement he bend my (now super lucky) Shakey well and took a good couple of minutes before he was ready for the net. Taken on the Cochybhondu , he was a good length fish of  about 14” but must have only been a pound or so as he was pretty lean. I took this one for the pot though.



It was about this time my fabled fish spotter had to leave, so I was left to my own devices, jumping back in the river, at that nice run above the farm where it deepens on the far bank, again at the tail of the pool I got a solid take and another wild  brownie this time he was out of the water as much as he was in it, a silvery fish of about 7” or so this time  taken on a quill bodied spider.



That was about me for the day, I had another go at the farm stretch as that elusive fish did  rise once but that was it for the day.


Maybe and hopefully the start of the season, certainly more fly life than previously seen, more fish rising , more takes and more fish to hand… all promising signs, I wonder if my new lucky wading socks had anything to do with it.


So onto this new rod….. Shakespeare Odyssey 7’6”. I usually fish with a 7’ Shakespeare rod and the difference between the two is quite incredible the longer rod has such a soft action it is amazing, it did take me  a while to adjust to it after fishing for so long with the shorter stiffer rod. After about an hour using it , it was a joy to cast with. Playing the larger stock fish  it was sensitive and responsive very very  impressed with this rod…. bit pricey like at £30!!



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