Sat 11th May


Today was a typical spring day I guess up here in Newcastle.. some short heavy showers on the morning interspersed with some nice sunshine in between it must have been about 11-12°C. However as the afternoon wore on it did seem to get warmer.


I decided to go out a little later today after a couple of baron sessions where the river wasn’t giving much up, I set off today about 2.15pm and was on the farm stretch for something like 2.45.



There has thankfully been a little bit of much needed rain over the week and upon arrival I noticed that the river looked a lot more like it’s old self, a slight tinge to the water and slightly higher (although still well below normal levels). The water just doesn’t look “right” when it is totally clear, hopefully the rain had stirred a little life in to the river.


I was set up with a cochybhondu on the point and a scruffy March Brown spider on the dropper. Ten minutes in and I see what looks like a good  fish rise on the far bank on the bend, I think this is the fish I have had a few gentle plucks off over the last few weeks, a few casts to where he rose.. nothing. So I think I will cast a few yards downstream of where he rose to give him a rest.



No rise.. but the line tightened and he was on, he kept deep and bent my rod hard, then he made one good run to the far bank but I stopped him about three quarters of the way across the river and turned him towards me, at this point he jumped clear of the water but he was well hooked and quickly came to the net, a healthier looking stock fish than the last one but only came in at just under a pound.


A very good start to the session, one in the bag taken on the March Brown.


Moving down to right opposite the farm where the ducks sit I saw another small rise on the far bank  but it did look like a smaller fish, I covered him and he took about two yards down from where he rose.. he was just a bit smaller, coming in at about 4” a beautifully marked little wild fish this one taken on the cochybhondu.



A decent start two fish to hand in the first 20 minutes or so and some signs of life in the river with the odd fish rising here and there, things were looking up. Off I went upstream towards the viaduct… I was stopped by another fish showing in the pool above the farm but despite my best efforts he didn’t want to know.


So off up to just above the viaduct… it was a quiet-ish spell for about twenty minutes until I stepped into the pool right under the viaduct, I took three wild fish in about ten minutes in this pool all between 4” and 8” all falling to the March Brown spider.


I worked my way back down to the farm, just dropping in to the odd pool here and there as time was now marching on toward 5.30pm.


Special thanks go to a kind gent who I got talking to who reads the ‘Blog and very kindly gave me a couple of cracking flies! Thanks a lot it was very kind, I will give them a good swim and let you know how they do….sorry I didn’t get a name!


So that was me for the day as I had told Mrs Blood I would be back for tea around 6pm…. a nice chicken and pasta do washed down with a can of export…. I might have stayed longer as the fishing was pretty good today… that is the first time I have felt like that this season.


March Brown spider was the go to fly today and they seemed right on it when it was given a little twitch in the water.


So hopefully the river has turned the corner and finally starting to fish something like decent, I am not counting my chickens just yet though!!




As a Post script….  I have been pondering for a few weeks or so about getting shot of my waistcoat and going back to a shoulder bag….. a few suggestion on and a bit of a scour around ebay brought nothing of interest…more likely down to my tightness with cash!


So I took a trip down to my local tackle shop ID fishing in Byker. The guy in there must have seen me struggling to choose and after a quick chat pointed me in the direction of exactly what I needed.. at a very decent price too, just goes to show there is still room for the good old tackle shop amongst the online competition!


19 thoughts on “Sat 11th May”

  1. that looks like a beautiful place to fish. A lovely trout to top it off aswell. I recently got a load of fly fishing rods passed on to me and I cant wait to have a crack, Abit daunted by all the new lingo though.

    1. Thanks for the kind words , don’t be too daunted its nowhere near as tough or complicated as people make out..are you in uk? looking to river or still water fish?

    2. not sure if my message went through!! Its not nearly as hard as it looks, a lesson with a casting instructor and plenty of practice ….thanks for the kind words….are you in u?

  2. I think I do prefer running water, but in these dark times (a.k.a the closed season) I dont mind having a puddle chuck. Yeah my old man taught me to cast last summer. Well for an hour or so anyway. It feels like I’m learning to fish all over again. Cant wait to have a crack at it though. Need to find a good place near Manchester.

    1. I prefer river fishing , get yourself a few spiders, a floating line and cheap reel, learn to cast 10 yards out gently, fish down and across and you will soon be catching…you never forget the first fish you catch on the fly it’s great, if you need any advice let me know and if I can help I will

      1. Mate that’s awesome. Cheers for the tips and the invitation to spam you with questions haha. Now I just need a silly hat and a sweet fly fishing vest.

      2. I have the hat…and the waistcoat!! at least I look the part or is that prat lol……..let me know when you are going out on the river and I will lash you a couple of spiders up which work over here and get them in the post to you if you like!?

      3. Mate that would be incredible. I speak to a lot of ppl in passing on here. But I have never received such a cool offer from someone. I don’t no what I would be able to do in return. Any coarse fishing supplies your in desperate need of?

      4. nah there’s no need really if it helps you get off on the right track (it might not like lol) …. If you do a search pn google you will likely find local clubs that own the river rights , most are canny cheap too, I pay £50 for the year on the river I am on now and they have 6½ miles of river and stock 800 brownies each season up to about 2lb…nice fishing not many members so it’s like having your own river lol…let me know nearer the time and I will sort some flies out…if you need advice on anything else just drop me a line ..

      5. Haha cheers mate. Have a look at my blog ive had a few fish out to the fly now. All from ressies mind. I have neither the knowledge or ability to tackle the rivers yet. You have a good season?

      6. will have a look, , well done…no mean feat , I am the opposite, I struggle on still water but love rivers….give it a go it’s easier than you think!!

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