Back on the river 10th August


Well it’s been a while since I have had a trip out on the Blyth due to low water levels, so as Saturday came around and we have had some rain over the last week or so I decided to have a little look down there.


I set of about 10.30am the weather was a little overcast but not cold maybe around 17-18°C looked like a decent day could be had!

Upon arrival the river looked much more like it’s old self levels were certainly higher than they have been for a good while and some colour was back in the water.. hopes raised somewhat, I walked up to the top of the farm stretch and made a start at the streamy run at the top…armed with a black spider on the point and a cochybhondu on the dropper, interested to see if the black spider had the same success as up in Keswick?


I cast the flies down and across this nice riffly run and had three or four bites off smallish fish through this run..good to see  they were biting, good to get in a positive frame of mind early on. I was however a little slow on the strike so bites is all they remained! I do find that it takes me a while to get “tuned in” to the bites early on and get my timing of striking right.

Down to the nice  run under the tall tree and second cast in and a solid bite in the slow water, a decent scrap ensued and a nice wild brownie of about  9” was deemed big enough for me to  use my  net… a nice fish and a solid start to the session.

Out I climbed an off upstream to the run under the viaduct that normally produces fish….well almost always… not today however, I stayed in the water and fished the run under the tree  near the fallen tree in the water and landed another wild fish of  about 7” also lost a bigger fish maybe 10-11” who fought very hard and won the battle!

I was joined by Daz at about 1.30 after I had polished off a nice meat and potato pie courtesy of Mrs Blood and ASDA.

I took another smaller fish about 500 years up from the farm water maybe about 5-6” , most welcome though.

I did fish right down to the  farm stretch although by now after  about 5 hours fishing my back was done in.

All in all it was as enjoyable a day as I have had for a little while on the Blyth, the fresh water seemed to have brought the wild fish alive somewhat and bites were certainly more frequent that has been the case of late, as usual Daz was  good  company and I think he took a few small brownies in the couple of hours he had fishing.

Stockies remain elusive however and still no further feedback from the club on stocking policy of rates for subs next year, I think I will be back in Axwell park next year and only join the Blyth if SUBS are greatly reduced.

Go to flies today were black spider and Cochybhondu.


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