Half season review


Due to my tardiness there have been a couple of trips not reported on here, saying that there isn’t a great deal to tell as with the river being so low fishing has been restricted somewhat for the last few weeks,


I did have my annual still water trip up to Langley Dam.. as beautiful as ever up there; although it was tough going, I was joined this time by Malcolm and a fly fishing newbie Simon, Malcolm already had one out when we landed..having lost our way in the thick fog at about 8.30am.


Starting at the bay the sun broke through the low lying cloud and a pretty bright…tough day ensued, I took one just after lunch on a GRHE along from the bay and another on a gold head GRHE very late on , also losing another fish after a decent scrap, I was gutted Simon didn’t get a take…he enjoyed himself though  which is the main thing.


Secondly Mrs Blood took pity on me and took me for a weekend of drinking and fishing up in Keswick. Friday afternoon on the drink followed by a night on the “town” Saturday morning I awoke a little fuzzy headed but was on the river for about 10am. It was so low and clear it could have been a chalk stream, however over 4 hours I took fish after fish ending up with 30 small brownies all falling to black spider or black and peacock spider. I even managed the smallest brownie I have ever caught, he seriously must have been about 1½” a very enjoyable day


Half season review


To say that the first half of the season has been difficult would be somewhat of an understatement. I think I had my first trip out on 23rd of March or there abouts, after an aborted trip up to Langley Dam due to horizontal snow, the following day… against better judgement….I met Daz for a day on the Blyth…..my god it was so  cold it wasn’t even funny, I did manage to turn a stock fish after about 30 minutes on the farm stretch but that was as good as it got and after a few hours that was enough for both of us…a pretty inauspicious start to the season.



Looking back at my reports from March and April it would seem that March in particular was very cold at times with temperatures dipping well in to the minus °C which cannot of helped the fishing.


There were some success stories, despite the clubs concerns about the stock fish all going to sea due to overstocking there were still one or two to be found. I even managed to hook into one on the dry fly on the farm stretch which was a first decent river fish on the dry for me.


On that not I have started to get a little more confidence in this method this season, last season I “dabbled” with this method but has give it more of a crack this year and done a little better I think.



The stock fish “issue” combined with the cold start to the year has meant a pretty dire season on the Blyth to date, blanking more times so far this season that I have over the past  couple of years, here’s hoping the back end improves somewhat.



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