A great Autumn day


It’s been a while since I have been out on the river maybe five or six weeks so … midweek, I decided I would have a little trip out on the Saturday.


The weather Gods were kind and only a little rain fell during the week, meaning that all being well the river should have been at a fishable level.



So, midweek, I knocked up some “top notch” grayling bugs and before I knew it Saturday was here


I awoke early and pootled the dogs out for a walk, there was a fairly heavy mist / light drizzle but not overly cold at about 12°Cand indeed it was like this when I arrived on the river at about 10.45. The level looked if anything still slightly low but it did have a nice colour to it.



Starting at the farm stretch I walked through the now slowly dying back Himalayan Balsam to the nice streamy pool at the top of the farm stretch, deciding to leave the cochybhondu on the point and hares ear on the dropper.


First cast and a rise to my flies but the fish missed them as they swung around, next cast a strong pull.. and a miss!!… a very promising start.. and so it continued, three grayling came to hand  all from this run in the first 8 minutes on the river and all falling to a size 14 cochybhondu , there were one or two fish rising but not a great deal of surface activity. I did try casting to a persistent riser before the slow pool and did hook him but he was on and off before much of a scrap


Now at the deeper pool under the tree a fish rose right under the far bank. I managed to land my flies in the region and maybe fourth cast to him and he was on .. a brownie this  time , another small one but maybe about 6”, good sport all the same.


I decided to walk up past the viaduct to the nice pool that had a couple of bigger grayling in last year……..it is a really beautiful walk this time of year a tremendous canopy of leaves in green, golden and red make for a nice walk, combined with a proliferation of mushrooms and fungus it makes for a great experience.



I did stop on the way to fish through that pool right under the viaduct that normally hold a fish or two but not today.. no action.


Another ten minutes walk and I arrived at my destination … and time for a spot of lunch. Mrs Blood had furnished me with a nice couple of meat pies today , right spicy little numbers that hit the spot alright.


So onto this nice run that is sort of a shallow weir pool I guess, I hooked and lost a VERY nice grayling last year that must have been 1lb plus but today there was nothing doing, I fished through it twice….just to be sure!!, right down to the tale end, maybe twenty or thirty yards or so but nothing doing there today.


I mooched back down to the Viaduct and fished the nice run that peters out next to a fallen tree and managed a small brownie out  of the top of this pool but also noticed a fish rising right next to the tree, trying (poorly) not to get too excited I worked my way down to him…. still rising on a semi regular basis.. still rising , I drifted my flies closer and closer… and a take…  he seemed a smallish fish maybe about 7” he scrapped for a bit then slipped the hook and was away…pleased I got him to take… would be  nice to get a look at him though.



I only gave my super pink grayling bugs a bit of an airing … to no avail… today was the day of the cochybhondu!


That was about it for the day, I ended up with something like four grayling and three brownies, mostly to the wonderful cochybhondu , a couple to PTN with a coloured collar.


A very enjoyable day though nothing over 7” all day but big enough to “pull your string” and plenty of bites and takes to keep the interest up … all in beautiful surroundings…. and finished off with a top notch Thai Green Curry when I landed back home at around 4.30…again courtesy of Mrs Bloods Kitchen… a fine day indeed



2 thoughts on “A great Autumn day”

  1. Hi

    This is encouraging to see some Grayling to hand. They have been elusive to me all year and spent a good few hours on Sunday set to this task fishing the Les Dinsmore stretch for the first time. 3 OOS trout were welcome but no Lady’s. Did have a close encounter with an Otter which kinda made up for it. Are you finding them higher up in the water column this early in the season?


    1. Hi Simon, I am fishing unweighted flies on a floating line fishing mainly down and accross so I guess my flies are mainly in the upper of the water column.. a nice day albeit all smallish fish

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