A steady day 9th November


Just a short session today due to me feeling like an old man my back was so sore.


Weather was cold and clear, a beautiful Autumn morning in fact, I arrived on the river at around 10am it was chilly and there was still a decent frost on the longer grass as I approached the farm stretch, I was loaded up with a Cochybhondu on the point and a standard hares ear on the dropper.



The river was looking as good as it has done for a while, plenty of water in with a little bit of colour to it too. Hopes raised I fished through the first streamy run … without a touch …in fact this was the case right through the farm stretch ..even managed to lose these 2 flies up a tree.



Out I clambered my bloody back killing me, deciding to have a slow…very slow walk up to the Viaduct..try not to look like I had soiled myself lol.


Upon arriving at the viaduct I decided a change of flies would be the order of the day, going for a bit of sparkly I put a gold head GRHE on the point and a GRHE tied with a hot spot on the head and tail..on the dropper. This was a good move, fishing directly under the viaduct I started getting a few nips and pulls.. encouraging but nothing to hand about an hour in.



Working downstream I fished the nice long run before the bush pool , it really is a nice pool about 50 yards long maybe 2-3 foot deep , the water runs at a nice pace with some lovely eddying water from start to finish. So the entrance to this pool is really shallow water , probably less than 1 foot over pebbly riverbed….. an overhanging tree marks the beginning of this pool.. as attractive and fishy as it looks, I have never had much out of this run, however unperturbed, I started at the top of the pool almost casting around the tree and had a solid take and first fish of the day was on.


He fought hard midstream and burrowed quite deep for the duration on the scrap , before I got him to hand, a beautiful out of season brownie of about 8”, he punched well above his weight , and he was quickly released and returned.


Heading off nearer the farm, stepping back in to the run that powers down the far bank..working my way down …doing a bit of daydreaming as you do , whilst twitching the flies back and I was awoken from my daydream by a thump on the line and a fish on, a smaller one this time taken on my “dayglow” hares ear, a smaller brownie this time maybe about 6” but welcome all the same.



That was me done in for the day my back now in full complaint mode!!



It was a belting couple of hours not so much for the amount of fish but just being out on the river at this time of year is belting, really chilly but it warmed up as the day went on, no grayling to be seen today. I do  wish I could have stayed a bit longer as you have to grab your opportunities to fish at this time of year due to river levels generally being up; still it was nice to be out and nicer to get amongst a few fish


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