Another season done.


Well it looks like with all the rain and with the season closing at the end of this month that might be it for my season on the river Blyth.


It’s been a pretty poor season with only a few highlights throughout the year.


The second half of the year wasn’t really much of an improvement on the first half. Pertinant memories are of a day Daz caught up with me walking his dog as I was angling and proceeded to be my fish spotter…as usual he put me right on the fish…pointing out a constant riser a hundred yards downstream , I fished the water down approaching this fishes lair…… just close enough to cast .. last false cast and SNAG, caught in foliage behind me.grrr you couldn’t make it up (we if you have seen me cast maybe you could!) fly suitably retrieved…next cast and bang he took it at the first pass, a short tussle and a nice stock fish of about 14” came to the net.


I remember another day in Summer, fishing the farm stretch, again a nice looking fish showing on the far bank on the bend, confident regular rises but the water was almost still on the far bank just with a very gently “swirl” on the water..on went a olive klink.. 3 cast in and a slurp underneath the fly and again a nice fish tightened my line.. he stayed deep and fought well before meeting my landing net.


Late Summer was pretty poor , as I said earlier water was a scarce commodity on the Blyth , river flow seemingly being reduced to a trickle in parts and very few fish showing at all, stock fish apparently buggering off to sea due to overstocking made for a tough time of it.


Some good sessions were to be had later on in the year though, especially up by the viaduct when the old faithful of Cochybhondu and gold head GRHE did the trick , I remember a couple of sessions where 7-8 small brownies were to be had in 3-4 hour session..small fish but good sport all the same.


I have had 2  years on the Blyth, overall, it has been okay I guess, first year was belting to be honest, a good smattering of stock fish and wild fish , a lot of rain that year that disrupted things but looking back not too bad overall.


Last year was poor, no stock fish to be had… not bad in itself but the head of wild fish in this river is of a general smaller stock that what I found in the river Derwent. I feel my skills have improved over the last few seasons and I have also added dry fly to me repertoire..still learning on this one but I do take the odd riser on the dry.


Next year, I will be back on the Derwent along by Rowlands Gil and Winlaton Mill. I am already looking forward to that. Roll on 22nd March..time to get my fly box filled up!


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