In-between days!


It’s that time of year again! The trout season is tantalisingly close but curiously still seems a million miles away.

Close enough to start to get excited though, like I need an excuse.

I will be back with Axwell Park Angling association next year after a couple of seasons on the river Blyth (with mixed results). One decent season a couple of seasons ago and last year which to be honest , the least said the better I think, overstocking over the last good few years lead to the stock fish migrating to the sea..or so the story went..And with the Blyth not having a brilliant head of wild fish from what I saw, it lead to a pretty poor season to be honest. Still some sport was to be had but it wasn’t brilliant and there were far too many blanks for my liking, although that could have been down to me too (ahem)


Onwards and upwards though; I am starting to get a little excited at the thought of a full season back on the beautiful river Derwent. Already wondering about some of the good swims I got to know and if they still fish as well , will the same flies I had success with still be as successful as they were a couple of seasons back, will the same good swims still hold the biggest fish…. all things to look forward to.


All being well I may get my hand in my pocket and get a day ticket lashed in (for the princely sum of £8.50) so I can at least do a bit of a reconnaissance mission before I join back up, well that depends on river levels of course, we have not been hit anything like the south of the country, nothing like! But the river is currently running high and coloured I believe so we will be needing at least a week of dry weather before I can contemplate a day pass, hmmm maybe next weekend?

For all Fish-pal site is really excellent for the actual level of the river it doesn’t help on the condition i.e. colour the water is running through at, I wonder if the club have considered installing a webcam at some point along the river so you could access it off their site. I feel this would be beneficial for a lot of anglers who live a drive away from the river and could stop a wasted journey; surely nowadays the cost implications of something like this wouldn’t be too prohibitive? Although the technicalities of such a set up are well over my technophobic head.


So with five weeks TODAY to the start of the season there is still plenty of time to get my fly box stocked up for the coming season, looking back on old reports from my time on the Derwent, there will be a few of the old favourites to tie up… already made enough partridge and orange, others on the list will be Gold head GRHE, cochybhondu, yellow caddis nymph, olive nymph, I also want to try some partridge and purple see how they get on too.

I also have a little… Well very little… Experience on the dry fly in my armoury as well so it will be interesting to see what sort of response I get on the Derwent to my efforts to tempt them on the dry!  I have never really tied any dries up but might try a few of my own to compliment the Klinkhamers I purchased a few seasons ago.

Fortunately the first day of the trout season lands on a Saturday this year so hopefully the weather gods will be smiling on us a nice dry couple of weeks beforehand will do us very nicely indeed thank-you… it will be terrible if the river is unfishable due to rain , I will be pacing around like a madman!! And possibly even grumpier than normal, hard to believe I know.


We have had wild variations the last two years opening days….two years ago was and around 20°C blazing sunshine and clear skies, last year was about 0°C (at best!) and horizontal snow..Let’s hope for something half decent this year.

I do also have the following week provisionally booked off for a “fish-fest” and all being well I will get a full week on various stretches of the river to get familiar with the Derwent again.

Hopefully with it being so early in the season and notoriously difficult early doors (excuse number 1) I won’t blank every day, either way I will look to do a daily update on the blog so keep your eyes peeled for more riveting installments.


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