25th March…day 2!

It was a totally different day compared to opening day on Saturday.

Cloud cover and intermittent showers were the order of the day today, still fairly mild at about 10-12°C though so not all bad. I arrived a little later than I wanted at about 1.15 today.

IMG_0349I set of walking up past the viaduct but was rudely interrupted by trout lunch time, I had landed right in the middle of a small hatch and a few fish were showing. so just up from the stone bridge, I set about these risers…well to be more precise I set about the nearby foliage!

Casting upstream to a regular riser I had one really strong pull of what felt like a decent fish but he didn’t stick… I had another 15 minutes buggering about with these but without any joy.

So off up past the viaduct ..armed with goldhead GRHE and my new brown spider… first run and still the odd rise here and there and after 10 minutes a hook up, a decent wild fish who fought well above his weight pulling me to midstream before coming to hand…falling to my brown spider.



Very next run and another take and another fish was on…this one didn’t seem to want to be in the water bouncing off the surface before being gently unhooked, a nice wild fish slightly smaller at about 8″ but welcome all the same.


A decent start but the rain was steady now and lasted for about 40 minutes or so until I reached the viaduct. The action had dried up now so I tried a few different flies..Partridge and purple, hares ear, rusty nymph, all without a sniff..


so now at the stone bridge I ended up with a partridge and orange and had an immediate response, a good take…and a miss! Last bit of excitement was me getting my new super brown spider firmly stuck in my index finger …needing a firm yank with the pliers…lots of blood and pain ensued!

IMG_0352It was a strange day overall, I had a couple of fish early on at the tail end of a hatch, two nice wild fish again of a decent size, after that it was tough going though as the fish seemed to switch off…enjoyable all the same and nice to be out..


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