27th March ..Thunder and Lightning

So, I decided to time my visit with what I though would be the afternoon hatch / rise today. I set off from the house at 11.30ish, it was still not too cold but there was a heavy shower over the east side of Newcastle.

Off I headed up to Rowlands Gil today to see how that would fish

I landed on the river at about noon and set about putting a new leader on….fitted with a gold head GRHE and my super new brown spider on the dropper.

IMG_0358Starting just down from the road bridge the river looked at a good level, I fished the far stream where the river splits and it looks a nice run, however not today no takers…nothing showing. The heavens had now decided to open and it was a fair downpour to say the least….torrential rain ensued for about 40 minutes..sporadic thunder and lightning and I did consider packing in for the day. I decided to stick it out however as the rain eased as I passed the caravan park to a nice slow deep run.


Off went the gold head and on went a size 12 Greenwells spider , fishing down this pool and I caught a gentle rise out the corner of my eye…then he rose again …and again….hungry bugger!!  , so now withing casting range I dropped my flies a yard or so upstream of him…and a take…and a miss..hopes were raised though and very next cast and he was on..a slow take, and he bore deep and mid stream pulling me into the current and taking a little line from the reel, finally getting him to hand a really nice wild brownie of about 10-11″ taken on the Greenwells spider..nice to get on that after I decided to change up! biggest of the season so far and a scrap well above his weight…persevering through the rain was now worthwhile!

IMG_0361IMG_0366Back he went to pile a bit of weight on. Very next pool there was another fish rising, again  on the first cast then a hook up on the second, a very similar fight ensued he held deep and took a minute or two to come to the net, a very slightly smaller fish this time and taken on my brown spider….I did fish on through another couple of pools just till the bend of the river,I did see one more rise and had another take but no more fish were to be had.

It was a pleasing session …just a quick one today something like two and a half hours..got a severe soaking early on and the temperature dropped noticeably after the rain must have been in single figures I think..fairly chilly and my fingers were numb by this point, worth persevering though as the very short hatch of something like 30 minutes produced 2 fine wild brownies, they really are top notch wild fish in the Derwent and fight like demons.





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