5th April, afternoon session

An afternoon session was on the cards today.

A relatively dry week had preceded the trip today although it has been curiously foggy every morning this week..odd

Temperature wise it must have been about 10°C and there was a decent shower coming down, but by the time I had take the 30 minute walk up past the viaduct the rain had stopped and it had brightened up a little

IMG_0367I walked over the viaduct and started in the nice eddying run, the river was up 4″ according to fishpal and it did look up..and it did look coloured a little….I started with Greenwells spider on the on the point and a brown spider on the dropper..this lasted about 40 minutes and not takes were forthcoming so on went the Gold head GRHE and (t)rusty nymph on the dropper. This was a good move, within 10 minutes I had my first fish to hand, casting to a rising fish, he took it deep and slow, a nice brownie maybe 9″ (on a good day)

IMG_0372After chatting to another angler for 5 minutes , I headed off further upstream to the slow water near the dilapidated bench and noticed another riser on the far bank, a long way away with deepish water infront of me and only a 6′ rod! I managed to land the flies near him though and another nice fish came to hand about 8″ or so, the weather had fair . Walking along the bank I was about to walk past the very very fishy looking deep pool but though I would give it a shot…….just towards the tail end of this pool and a nice take and what felt like a better fish , I tightened and he bent my rod and he headed off to the current …I saw he was a grayling and a very nice one (for me) too….I used the net for this one maybe about 11″ taken on the goldhead

IMG_0369pleased I decided to fish this pool now one of the better grayling I have caught over the last few years, well pleased

I climbed out and walked down to around High Dam where there are two or three really nice riffly pools that slow down and deepen quite nicely, I managed to take another couple of nice brownies here and another small grayling, it was turning into a good day.

IMG_0374 IMG_0378I clambered out now starting to feel the pace somewhat and walked over the stone bridge and fished the slow water just on the bend, another couple of brownies came to hand and yet another grayling, another decent size fish from the slow water just above butterfly bridge, he plucked at the brown spider for three consecutive cast before I finally got him to take, another nice grayling who put up an admirable fight before I lifted him from the water, he did have some slight damage on one of his flanks but still a beautiful fish

IMG_0375A belting session as it turned out, I fished from about 1pm until 6.30ish…landing 5 brownies and curiously 4 out of season grayling, Gold head GRHE doing the damage today…and now it’s time for some beer…..



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