Splish ! splash! 11th April

Well it could have been a great day…could have being the operative word!
After completing some fatherly duties , I was home for 10am on Friday morning, the sun was fair beating down and the river was at a really good level, all the omens were good.

I had however forgotten it was bloody half term and there were a good few dog walkers and walkers parked in the car park as I arrived, meh, it was and always is good to be out fishing

I landed at the river about 10.45 or so , it was so sunny I just decided to wear my fleece and go without the jacket today.

Walking up past the stone bridge I stopped and had something like 20 minutes dicking about with an occasional riser but he wasn’t interested in my gold head GRHE or indeed my super brown spider.. now all suitably de-barbed as per club rules.

Out I climbed and walked up alongside the river up past the viaduct, scanning for any movement on the top of the water but there seemed to be not much doing as I arrived up by the meadow to start fishing.

Working down through a nice deep eddying run nothing was doing and I had now maybe been away from the car for about 45 minutes or so. Towards the tail of this pool though a savage take and what felt like a really heavy fish on.. he scrapped in the current and my rod bore hard down towards the river and he pulled the line taut…then he spun under water and I caught a glimpse of his flank.. a deep big fish….then … ping.. he slipped the hook…slack line and disappointment…. bugger.

Hmmm promising though, always raises hope to get into a big fish even if you dont always get them to the net….anyhow I thought I would fish on for 20-30 minutes then return back to the pool to see if he had returned to his station.

No takes were forthcoming as I worked my way downstream so … back to the run I went.. about 30 yards upstream eyes on his haunt as I got to within casting distance..then … my foot slips……water getting deeper…no foothold and a fairly reasonable splash, as you would expect from someone 6’4” and best part of 15st. Up came the water ..but what comes up must go down , now over the top of my chest waders left arm grasping to get a hold of something but now my arm is also soaked , water drained into my waders before I managed to restore some decorum! Left arm soaked…….fleece well wet trousers well wet…bloody brilliant.

That just about did it for me and told me it really wasn’t going to be my day.. on the upside and most importantly nobody saw me fall in! On a more serious note though I wonder if it is that time of life to purchase a wading staff, for the most part the wading on the Derwent is nice and easy but there are a couple of dodgy spots for the unsuspecting angler that could become dangerous for those.. like me.. who fish alone?

I squelched my way back to the car…I did have a half hearted go just above high dam but have to say despite the sunshine my impromptu dip made me feel freezing and my heart wasn’t really in it

The day ended with a fine victory for the fish…a really nice fish lost off which I am sure will forever stick in my memory as these things do and a soaking to boot, wont stop me though I will be back on Friday to get that monster fish to hand.. now I know where he lives.



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