19th 20th April

Thanks to my wonderful wife I managed to get a couple of sessions on the river over Easter weekend.


Firstly on the Saturday I had a day out in the sun , being Easter weekend the car park was best part full as I pulled up at Winlaton Mill, and set off walking up past the viaduct, not much showing as I kept a close eye on the river as I ambled up past dog walkers and runners, finally about 20 minutes later arriving at my usual starting spot, working downstream , starting off with a gold head on the point and my fast becoming favourite brown spider.


Nothing in the first pool and nothing showing either



Next pool was different though I noticed a fish rising right at the tail of this pool before a tiny weir, second cast to him and he was on…a nice wild brownie of about 7″ that fell to my brown spider..a good start after about 20 minutes…then all went quiet, the fish were starting to show but bugger they didn’t want to know  and I gave them plenty of different choices but they just wouldn’t play



and so it went as I mooched my way down towards the stone bridge, after a bit of indecision, I decided to go through this run , it was now about quarter to four, time for another hour or so before I had to get back


It really is a nice run and does look like it should hold a good few trout but it is a run I rarely do that well in. However about half way down this run I start getting a few nips and pulls, almost a bite a cast then I hook up to one a nice little brownie about 6″ again on the brown spider…now the fish were on it alright , a couple of more takes but missed until I got to the bend in the river when another fish came to hand about the same size fish and again to the brown spider…wonderfly!

Another 20 yards of so and I landed my last fish of the day at about 5″ it was the smallest fish of the day and fell to ….. a black and peacock spider.

A difficult day after a good start my notes show I took my first fish 12.30 then nothing until  3.50 when I took another three fish in something like half an hour..maybe a sign of early season sporadic feeding?   still an enjoyable day all the same



Sunday was a much shorter session when I had short 3 hour session and decided to go up to Rowland Gil as I though once past the Caravan park it would be a fair bit quieter than the easy access of Winlaton Mill.. and so it proved.the day was more overcast than Saturday and at time a little bit of a chill in the air. that aside the day followed a similar pattern to Saturday in as much as I hooked my first fish early on .. a small fish this time something like a mighty 4″ falling to the all conquering brown spider this was at 12.20.





Again it went quiet for a few hours , I did have a couple of pulls and nips down past the caravan park but nothing would stick.The wind was fairly strong and gusty blowing upstream making casting difficult at times.

the next fish that came to hand was something like 1.30 and fell to a gold head gold head hares ear a nice 6″ wild brownie this one. only one more fish came to hand this session a small tiny 4″ brownie at about 2.30…just about home time…


There are some nice runs up by the caravan park and downstream , some nice slow pools that I am sure hold some decent fish. It was a fair bit cooler than Saturday, similar action though with a fish early on then a quiet spell






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